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Monday, June 5, 2006


Apple's Back-To-School Program Offers Free iPod

Apple is relaunching its Back-to-School program this week, offering a free iPod nano to students who buy a new Intel Mac by September 16th.

What Is Constellation Mode?

While Quicksilver as a whole is about using the keyboard as your primary interface with the computer, its Constellation mode brings back a degree of mouse-oriented control.

iTunes To Be On Radio Web Sites

Macintosh Becoems Latest Vehicle For Chinese Scam

According to people who have contacted the INQ, a Chinese criminal ring has been luring punters with fake promises of cut-price Macinteltoshes.


It's Official, iTunes Sucks Balls

A certain level of reliability and common sense need to be present in any software, and iTunes fails on both counts.

We Are All Journalists Now

No RJ-11 For You

Wi-Fi is flowing through our neighborhoods like water from drinking fountains, like the air we breathe (password protected air, but air nonetheless).

Apple's Achilles' Heel?

How might Apple blow its commanding lead in legal digital audio and video distribution? By not playing well with others, and thus creating an industry demand for alternatives.


What's A Pod?

Why does everyone want to believe that Apple is going to add major functionalities to the iPod? From satellite radio receiver to mobile phone to wireless e-mail to a plain old PDA, there's nothing it seems that Apple cannot fail to improve on with just a right pod.

While today, you still cannot manage your tunes on the iPod beyond a simple "On-The-Go" playlist.

Maybe what Apple should do is to create a MacBook the size of a iPod.

What's Vista?

Scot Finnie: Apple has the best operating system this year, last year and next year. I'm placing Windows Vista as a distant second-best to OS X.

I have no problem with Microsoft copying Apple's or any other company's best interface designs. We all win when that happens, and I wish Apple would steal the best things Microsoft does right back. What's really strange is when a company lifts good ideas and makes them worse, not better.

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