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Thursday, June 8, 2006


Apple's iPod Countersuit Against Creative Opens Legal Hornet's Nest

Suing Creative not once, but twice, and at separate venues that may be costly to manage simultaneously, could be an effective demonstration that Apple has the time, the resources, the money, and the wherewithal to fight a two-front war.

Apple And Microsoft Mine Comic Vein

The rivalry between Microsoft and Apple apparently extends to the cast of "The Daily Show."

Survey: iPods More Popular Than Beer

Move over Bud. College life isn't just about drinking beer.

iTunes DRM Runs Afoul Of Norwegian Law

The Consumer Council of norway called FairPlay "an unreasonable technical term of use, in so far as it prevents purchasers of music files at iTunes from using other MP3 players than iPods."


Installing MacBook RAM Requires Significant Force

Definitely. Apple educated pressure. Then try pressure beyond what you think is safe.

How 6 Billion IBM Dollars Helped Chase Apple Out Of India

Apple realized it's just too late to the party in India. There are now too many companies chasing Indian IT talent to try and build a base there from scratch.

Dual Boot


A Surprisingly Good Match For Macs

Microsoft keyboard and mouse a perfect fit for Apple computers.

MacBook Laptop Lacks A Few Features But Has Lots To Like, Low Price

The MacBook lacks two important hardware features that are ubiquitous on Windows laptops. It has no slots for the flash memory cards used in digital cameras, smart phones and other devices. And it lacks a card slot for the adapters that can provide laptops with many add-on features, including flash memory sockets and cellphone data modems.

Checking For New Podcasts At A Specific Time In iTunes (Windows)

Video Goggles Turn iPod Into TV

With funky eyewear from MicroOptical Corp, iPod users can watch video on what looks like a 27-inch screen TV while, theoretically, maintaining some of the portability for which the iPod is famous as a music player.

Apple 13-Inch MacBook

The MacBook is a powerful and affordable option, especially for people who are uncertain about their Windows future.



Who Do We Want To Protect?

Dave Winer: "Learning how to control the SanDisk MP3 player is an exercise in frustration. I wonder if there's a legal reason they can't just adopt the conventions of the iPod... Must be a patent, eh. If so, thanks for the lock-in."

And then, of course, there's Creative and its tiny tinney lawsuit against Apple.

Things are so broken that it may well be beyond repairs.

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