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Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Needham & Co Predicts Mac Market Explosion

Apple Expands 'Get A Mac' Ad Campaign

Landmarks Panel Cool To Apple Plans

Plans for a sleek-looking Apple store in a Northwest Portland historic district received an icy reception on Monday from the city's Historic Landmarks Commission, whose chairman criticized it as "franchise architecture."

Judging Apple Sweatshop Charge

The situation is too murky for a rush to judgment on Apple's ethics here, and it may well meet minimum global standards. But for a company that has staked its image on progressive politics, Apple has set itself up as a potential lightning rod on global labor standards.

Closure Of Apple's Bangalore Centre Sparks BPO Debate

Global iPod major and computer maker Apple Computers' decision to shut down its new Bangalore centre has sparked an introspection in the Indian BPO industry, which however, for now has shrugged off the move as a one off incident.

Mac Sales Strong In The UK And Western Europe

MacBooks Looking Skanky

White MacBook Faster Than More Expensive Black MacBook?

Mate Master: Allan Odgaard

Allan is the lead- and sole-deveoper of TextMate, a very highly rated text editor for OS X.

Google Releases SketchUp For Mac OS X


Apple Today Takes The MS Pain Away

In a move that will delight many readers of this column, I am taking the plunge and going Apple Macintosh.

A Long Night Of iMovie Editing

In my heart, I knew what the problem was: I was stuffing ten pounds of movie into a five-pound bag.

Get A Mac. Get A Life.

I don't think I'm the only one not pleased with Apple's attitude.

Why I Didn't Buy An Intel Mac

I think Aple is losing ground with the very machine that should have gained it, and I think their attitude toward the problem is the problem.

What Is Really Up With Apple...?


MacBook Is A Lot For The Money

iWeb Takes On The Competition


The Only Computer You'll Ever Need

Whoa! Apple is advertising Boot Camp, the still-in-beta product? That's, well, interesting.

If I am reading my crystal ball correctly, Apple might well be releasing the next version of OS X this August at WWDC.

Don't Cry For Me

When Microsoft employees leave for Google — one of Microsoft's biggest competitor, the CEO throws a chair. But when Microsoft employees leave for a startup company, the chairman weeps with joy. Go forth and create, Bill cries, and make this a better world.

Just make sure you use IIS instead of Apache, okay?



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