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Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Apple Updates 17" MacBook Pro Firmware

Why Apple iTunes Isn't Selling Movies. Yet

The technology for downloading movie-length videos is ready, but their multi-gigabyte files would overwhelm current broadband connections.

Podcasting After iTunes

Apple's Leopard Act

The company's upcoming operating system could help stoke interest in Mac sales.

Microsoft Acquires iView Multimedia

Microsoft has purchased iview Multimedia, the companies announced on Monday. Notes on the iView web site indicate that support for its Macintosh products will continue.

Apple Releases Mac OS X 10.4.7


Behind One Analyst's 'Sell' On Apple

Is it on its way to becoming a Microsoft-like monopoly?

My MacBook: What I Love, What I Hate

I still like it, I guess; i just hate being knocked down to the levels of PC-based computers everywhere.

The iPod Phone Myth


Don't Install The Latest Update Yet

Mac users are typically advised not to install the latest OS X updates straight away, because they may contain bugs. Better let others do it first, and install the updates only when there are no widespread problems reported. Even so, always backup.

Windows users are advised to to install the latest Windows updates, because, simply, Microsoft is evil.

Now, which computer do you really want to buy?

The Most Secretive OS X Release Ever?

Leopard, it seems, is one of the most secretive OS X release ever, assuming Apple's promised 18-month cycle remains true.

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