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Thursday, July 27, 2006


Apple Acknowledges MacBook Pro Whine

Will The New Nike+iPod Sport Kit Hit The Ground Running, Or Hit The Wall?

Apple: iPods Built To Last 4 Years

From Confrontation To Experimentation: The Music Industry Is Playing A New Tune

Even as the courts have made it clear that downloading music files without paying for them is illegal, the recording industry has been searching for new business models.

EyeTV 2.3 Features Front Row Integration


Merom MacBooks For The Holidays

MacBook Pro's selling like hot cakes and Apple has been so busy fixing the problems with the original printed circuit board (PCB) that I doubt that they will be ready to insert a new chip that soon.

Microsoft's Current Situation: Like IBM In The '80s

Palettes Versus Sidebars

Enter Aquaman

Aquaman becomes the first instance of a failed pilot being made available for purchase.

Apple's Copy Protection Isn't Just Bad For Consumers, It's Bad For Business

iTunes enjoys the protection of a corrupt law that gives Apple the right to exclude competitors from the market.

Battery Power

I can't imagine I would remember — or care to — get up and park the mouse in my docking station. (Not to mention how ugly that would look in my home theatre set up.)


Sharing Drives

Living in a Windows world.

MacBook Wrist-Saver

I've found Softpads to be an ideal solution to our MacBook's wrist-mincing lip.


Apple Doing Mobile Phone — Via Acquisition?

According to Macsimum News, Apple has filed a new trademark in Japan: Dopod.

Of course, Dopod is a name already taken up by a Taiwanese company that makes smart phones with Windows Mobile.

So, you add one and one together, and you'll get the news / rumor / speculation that Apple is buying Dopod, creating an iPod phone, and... er... becoming a licensee of Windows Mobile?

Bonus: Mac OS X can now sync with Windows Mobile?

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