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Tuesday, August 1, 2006


Apple Signs Up For Phone Standards

Joining the Khronos Group is an interesting move from Apple, as the last time it joined a body with no direct relationship to its current products, it was BAPCo, a Windows benchmarking consortium. That move was followed just nine days later by the release of Boot Camp.

Brand Appeal Keeps iPod Sales Surging

Apple's iPod line has gone months without an update. And yet, iPods continue to fly off the shelves just as fast as Apple can make them.

Apple Responds To Nordic iTunes Complaints

The Norwegian council is still reviewing the letter, and hasn't yet released it to the public, said Torgeir Waterhouse, senior advisor to the Consumer Council of Norway.

.Mac Users Mock Apple Slogan During Outage

Web publishing service .Mac just works, sort of...

Apple Eliminates Forum Mods; Quality Drops, Rudeness & Piracy Increases

Apple has termined its Apple Discussions hosts, the forum moderators that monitor and moderate the company's user discussion boards.

Verizon's Chocolate Cell Phone To Challenge iPod

Apple Raised To Buy At Bank Of America

Apple is selling more notebooks than Wall Street realizes and should beat earnings estimates next year, Bank of America said in upgrading the stock to buy Monday.

Audible Keeps Share Of Apple Pie

Audible shares inched up slightly Monday after the compnay said it will extend its exclusive deal with Apple for an additional three years.


Microsoft And THe Mac - Sleepless In Seattle

Why Apple Will Release A Cell Phone

The Best Deal No One's Talking About

Apple's ProCare plan is a great deal. So how come nobody ever talks about it?


Baby Button Bashing

In short, AlphaBaby make it safe (for your files) and fun (for your baby) to bang away on the keyboard.


New Beings

People everywhere is asking for the truth to be revealed!

No, this is not about the new stuff Steve Jobs will reveal next week. After all, we know that it's gonna be Mac Pro, iPod Phone, and Mac Mini Media Center.

No, what everyone demanding to know: has some alien lifeform contacted us? Is there a cover-up by SETI? Is it because those alien lifeforms are just meat, and we all don't want to talk to meat?

Er... wait a minute...


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