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Wednesday, August 2, 2006


Coke, Apple Join In Huge European iTunes Giveaway

Aple is teaming up with Coca-Cola in Europe to give away about 70 million songs on its market-leading iTunes Music Store — more than a third of the total number of songs it has sold there to date.

Apple Cans AppleCentre Branding

Apple has begun phasing out the AppleCentre retail outlet brand name and will ask partners to reapply for their certifications.

Apple Releases Security Update

Apple on Tuesday released Security Update 2006-004, fixing issues with AFP Server, Bluetooth, WebKit and more.


Developers! Developers! Developers! Developers!, Caring For: Microsoft Vs Apple

Windows Media DRM Versus Apple FairPlay Battle Looming?

Microsoft could well be stepping into the music player market with Zune in order to help drive the widespread acceptance of WM-DRM.

Mac OS X Server Firewall Serial Hole

Every Mac OS X Server 10.4 deployment, regardless of its GUI firewall setting, will accept and attempt to act on UDP packets sent to port 626.

My New Black MacBook

Two elements of the MacBook design that I regard as huge improvements are the "klutz-proof power adapter and a nifty magnetic latch."

.Mac In Trouble

The service needs to be re-thought and re-vamped completely.


Picasa 2 Vs iPhoto 5

Picasa is gleefully original, usefrul, attractive and function rich. iPhoto does the job, but with less flair.


What Is An iPhone?

Apple is making a phone. Or, at least, they aren't sitting around not making a phone.

So, what's your wish list?

Besides the obvious, er... obviously. The phone gotta be able to phone. So it needs GSM, which is where the market is. It needs to be an iPod: play music, watch videos, dock connector, all that jazz.

Then, it needs an iSight camera. What phone nowadays don't have a camera to take photos and shoot videos?

Then, it needs WiFi. VoIP is all the rage nowadays.

Then, it needs Bluetooth. How else are you going to design a wireless earphone?

Then, it needs PDA functionalities. A touch screen will be nice. Perferably a large-enough screen to watch videos,

Oh, and SMS / text-messaging is big. At least, it is big outside of the United States, but I hear even in U.S. this is picking up. So, it needs a good and full-sized keyboard. Maybe something that can light-up when it sense that the ambient light is too low.

And since we are cramming so many functions into the phone, it must have a good, flexible, stable, and secure operating system. How about Mac OS X?

And let's just call this device: MacBook Nano.

Bonus: And if you buy a copy of Microsoft Office or iWork '07, you can even read (and edit!) Office documents right in your phone. Just like a Blackberry.


Outsource .Mac?

.Mac hasn't live up to its reputation of always just work. Maybe Apple should consider outsourcing this to some company whose bread and butter is to deal with online issue? Maybe, well, AOL? :-)

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