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Thursday, August 3, 2006


Norway Buckles Down For Long iTunes Fight

Apple isn't just breaking Norwegian consumer law — it's breaking promises Steve Jobs once made about digital music, the country's consumer watchdog says.

Norway Unhappy With Apple's Concessions To Regulators

Lego Mindstorms Offers Mac Support

The Lego Mindstorms NXT is a robotics toolset offering hobbyists the ability to build and program robots.

Google Launches Mac Picasa Web Albums Uploader

WWDC To Be More For Apple Than A New MacPro?

Hijacking A MacBook In 60 Seconds Or Less

Jon Ellch and David Maynor will show how they can target a specific security flaw in the MacBook's wireless "device driver," the software that allows the internal wireless card to communicate with the underlying OS X operating system.

Study: Two Thirds Of iPod Owners Use THem In Cars


Apple Finally Goes With AMD

When Intel OEMs start their entirely coincidental synchronized exodus from ATI to NVidia and Intel integrated graphics in 3...2...1, will Apple join the march?

How Long Is My iPod Meant To Last?

Anybody Want To Buy An iPod?

So why the switch? Why go away from the tightly integrated iTunes/iPod experience I liked so much, and even cut my capacity down from 60GB to 30GB? I switched because of performance, organization, and subscription services.

Where's The Rumours?

I feel like the rumour sites are letting me down.

WWDC UI Wild Guesses


Full Tilt Poker

Apple Wireless Bluetooth Mighty Mouse

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