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Wednesday, August 9, 2006


Apple: The Doom Of Wired Peripherals

Apple has recognized the desire for consolidation and the benefits of a wireless lifestyle, and they've reacted effectively.

Adobe Looks To The Future As Flash Turns 10

Can 1990s-era technology for cute web animations lead a new generation of cutting-edge web applications?

New Mac Games Website Revealed

Mac Pro: What You Need To Know

Answers to common questions about Apple's Xeon-based desktop.

VMware Sizes Up The Mac Market

Jobs Faces Further Options Quiz

Steve Jobs faces further questions in the options scandal that is rocking Wall Street after it was revealed two trusted lieutenants at his film studio Pixar were granted share options at an extraordinarily fortuitous moment.

7 Apps That Leopard Kills

Leopard First Looks: Time Machine

Not backing up? Soon you'll have no excuse.


Leopard Vs Vista: Random Thoughts

Open Source: The Mark Of Cool?

The cynic in me says that Apple is offering open source licensing only on things it no longer wants to commit big companyr esources to. But what is really wrong with that?

Apple's Research & Rip-Off Department

A bunch of independent software developers who rely on selling small but potent tools that Apple has now co-opted will lose business, nto to mention get no return on the hard work, money and time spent building these tools.

Leopard's Top-Secret Secrets

One keynote viewer's idle speculation about What It All Means.

Is Apple Serious About Open Source?

Apple is working to improve relationships with the free software community, but developers won't settle for lip service.

Warning Signs From Steve

I think Steve's telling us something. He thinks things are going to get ugly, and he's going to be in the middle of it.

Not-So-Great Expectations

The trick to avoiding disappointment is keeping unreasonable expectations in check.

Leopard Does Chnage Its Spots, With New User Interfaces

Perhaps I'm being overly nitpicky, but UI is a big part of Apple and the Mac platform. Initerface standards have been slowly eroding over the past few years, and Time Machine is only the latest example.



No iPod Phone? Here's Why...

Do you know why Steve Jobs didn't unveil the iPod "we-are-not-sitting-around-doing-nothing" phone at WWDC? 'Cause if he did, everyone will be talking to each ohter next day on their new iPod phone during WWDC sessions, and nobody will be paying attention to all the new Leopard goodness.


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