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Sunday, September 10, 2006


Apple Eyes Japan's Download Market

Apple is pursuing new innovative ways to expand iTunes in Japan by trying to entice consumers to abandon mobile phone downloads for online downloads instead.

Why The iPod Is Losing Its Cool

Apple has added ever more extras to its digital music-player in a bit to stem falling sales. But fears are rising that the device is now too common to be cutting edge.

Apple Replacement Batteries Arrive Early


Is The iPod Era Over?

Any viable full screen video iPod would be half way towards the two-thumb typing Sidekick style format that is now ubiquitous on Japanese and Europen phones.

Leaving .Mac

The reality is that .Mac has stopped offering me what I need.

The Best Computer Upgrades Ever

Whether you're a PC or Mac user, the humongous 24-inch iMac that Apple unwrapped on Wednesday drives home a point: Speed is good, but spread is better.

The Future Of Learning


Bridges To Windows Strengthen

Mac and Windows users have looked at each other for nearly 20 years across a raging river of uncertain compatibility as they exchange files, discs and drives. The river has become calmer and lost its rapids as Mac OS X has included more and better support for Windows formats, as developers have almost universally adopted document formats identical on both platforms, and as the idea of a Mac-only or Windows-only storage device has become absurd.


A Phone And An iPod

Last year, at around this time, Steve Jobs introduced the ROKR iTunes phone, and the iPod nano.

Will he repeat the same feat this year? Will we get to see a new phone (iPod phone) and a new iPod (iPod nano with video)?

Last year, the high-end iPod with Video was introduced at a separate event.

Do we have to wait until October for the really expensive iPod again? Should I start spending my hard-earned cash this Wednesday, or should I wait some more?

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