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Thursday, October 12, 2006


Gore Investigates Apple

The former US vice-president Al Gore has been asked to help uncover inconvenient truths at computer company Apple, which is embroiled in a Silicon Valley scandal over share options.

Apple Offers $20 iLife '06 Discount To .Mac Customers


An After Hype Look At iTunes Movies

Only Apple can offer us movies on both Mac and Windows right now, and they are off to a good start.

Office Delay? Ya Don't Say

We're hitting our milestones... In fact, for Office 12, we've not even officially announced a launch date.

iTunes 7 UI: The Bad And The Ugly

Apple iTunes Podcast Directory Is A Piece Of Crap!

Apple's Jobs Should Give Back The $85 Million

Jobs needs to say he's sorry with the one thing CEOs cherish most: Money.

What Nova's Price Tells Us About iTunes' Future

If Apple wants the iTunes Store to keep enjoying a position of prominence — and I'm guessing that the company does — it's going to have to constantly evolve. Right now, that means adapting its stance on pricing.


Daylite 3

There is obvious care and craftsmanship in this product.


Rumor Today: Lasso Spreadsheet Application In iWork '07

Will Apple finally puts a spreadsheet application into the iWork suite come Macworld Expo in Jan 07? Think Secret thinks so.

"While Lasso will lack the depth of Excel, Apple expects the softare to strike a chord with the many spreadsheet users who don't require extremely specialized functionality."

Both Pages (easier layout-ing) and Keynote (looks nicer) have their unique selling points over Microsoft Office's counterparts. What will Lasso's unique selling point be?

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