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Monday, October 30, 2006


Greenpeace Reaction To MacExpo Ejection

Greenpeace has responded to being ejected from the MacExpo in London saying it was "a totally over-the-top reaction".

Apple Has Maths Library Problem

It looks like Apple has a problem with its math libraries in OS X 10.4.8 on Intel.

A Bruised Apple

Computer maker is showing cracks in its product quality.

2G Shuffle Finally Shipping

New And Improved

NovaMind: To conduct and record the outcomes of brainstorming sessions.


My MacBook Pro, Week 1

There's definitely a learning curve.

Think Secret Foiled Again

It never ceases to amaze me how the Mac rumour site "Think Secret" can throw out a random rumour, call it fact and have everyone pick up on it.

Steven Levy Talks About His iPod Book

New Apple Patent Art I Show You Here May Point To iPod With Camera

Dear Apple, Please Don't Screw Up My iPhone!

Here's my humble list of requests for a smartphone.

I Like Macs. Why Don't You?

Mostly I like the way Macs pretty much just let me do what I need to do without demanding much in the way of maintenance or attention.

Lessons Learned From Nearly Twenty Years At Apple

The first thing I picked up at Apple is that you are your own best resource.

A Tale Of One iPod

Does Apple Have A Blogging Policy?

If Apple really believes what Chuq says, they can relax a bunch, the blogosphere is smart enough to discern between a spokesperson and a plain old person.

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