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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Slingbox For Mac Now Available In Beta

Apple's New iPod Nano Causes Waves Around The Web

Ringtones And iTunes Saving Australian Music Market

IBISWorld General Manager (Australia), Mr Jason Baker, said digital music distribution holds the key to the industry's future survival and success.

iTunes Code Hack No Hit For Music Sellers

FastMac Ships Higher-Capacity MacBook Pro Battery

Greek Mac Users Demand Support

New And Improved

MondoMouse: Gives your mouse super powers.

Speedflow Edit: PDF file modificationa nd prepress production.


Ejecting Discs The Mac Way

The mystery of the missing Eject button.

Why Is It When You Go Mac, You Don't Go Back?

Echo Chamber Tars Apple

It's my impression that Apple's quality control is no better or worse than before — we're just hearing about it more.

Goodbye Windows Dev - Hello Apple!

Apple's API is as much a work of design-art as their OS and hardware.

Implications Of Adobe's Intel-Only Soundbooth

The point of Apple's developer push was not switching to Intel, it was cleaning out assumptions about the underlying chip. That's why the key word they use is Universal.

Macs Now Have Plenty Of Muscle For Serious Computer Users

iPod Etiquette

Here are some basic guidelines for enjoying your music without sacrificing your manners.


Delicious Library 1.6.3

iPod Hi-Fi Review

Verdict: It's a boom box done by Apple. Sure, it rocks.

Understanding Mac OS X's Login Passwords

For many of us, the login password is the password we're asked to supply most frequently, and it's one cause of significant confusion and grief among Mac users.

Apple's Email Solution

My Green Bundle Of Joy

I love this little green nano.

Razer ProClick V1.6: Precision Mice Aren't Just For Gaming Anymore

The Razer ProClick v1.6 is a tethered mouse that features terrific precision and software that lets you program both its sensitivity and its seven buttons.

Inside The Mac Pro: RAM

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