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Wednesday, November 1, 2006


To Boldly Go Where The iPod Has Gone Before

"The race is for second place."

Want To Repair Your iPod? Anyone?

A man from 'aamchee Mumbai' claims to be able to repair all Apple iPods...

Wireless Devices Send Mixed Radio Signals

Modulators that drivers use to listen to satellite radio or iPods can alter reception in nearby cars.

Beijing Gets Largest Apple Store Yet

iTunes Japan Competitor Quits Market

Apple has claimed another scalp in the music download market; this time a firm called Oricon has revealed plans to leave the Japanese download market.

Apple Updates Xcode Tools

Apple Releases iTunes 7.0.2

Apple Overtakes Dell In UK Education Market

New iPod Shuffle Available Worldwide This Friday

Apple announced Tuesday that its second-generation iPod shuffle will be available in stores worldwide beginning Friday, Nov 3, 2006.

New And Improved

Tangerine: Color management software provides graphic designers and creative professionals with a unique color workflow experience.

ZeusDraw: Vector drawing program with a fluid, graceful interface, great brushes and a host of other features.

GeoParty!: Test your trivia knowledge.


Ok, Buy A Mac (But Be Careful)

In this world of Apple outsourcing engineering and manufacturing to other companies you never know what you could end up with.

Insomnia Film Festival

Apple preserves the right to do things with it at their will, but doesn't subtract that right from you. That's a step up from typical in this sort of things.

Macs, While Usually Dependable, Have Recently Proven Troublesome

My Problem With Apple

I am done with Apple.

Can The iPod Ever Be A Great Gaming Device?


iHome iH5 iPod Clock/Radio

Interarchy 8.2: File Transfer Utility Sports New Interface And Added Features

The new interface significantly enhances what is already a first-class FTP applications.

Inside The Mac Pro: Graphics Cards

Three different graphics-card options offer something for everyone.

Slinging On My Mac At Last

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