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Saturday, January 13, 2007


Hackers Look For iPhone Vulnerabilities

Automakers Can Learn From Apple

Cisco Lost Rights To iPhone Trademark Last Year, Experts Say

The trademark was apparently abandoned in late 2005/early 2006 because Cisco was not using it.

Feds Probing Stock Options Grant To Jobs

Federal investigators are still examining whether any of the accounting shenanigans at Apple Inc. rose to the level of criminal behavior, even though the company has cleared CEO Steve Jobs and all current executives of any wrongdoing in an internal stock options backdating probe, according to a person close to the matter.

Why Hollywood Snubbed Jobs At Macworld

Most of Tinseltown won't buy into the Apple chief's digital vision until he ponies up more money and gets more serious about protecting content.

Glenn Fleishman Schools Us, Wi-Fi Style

"First, I'm really pissed off that they didn't change the name."

Confirmed: Macworld Expo 2008 Dates

How Apple Could Fight Cisco

Settlement is the most likely outcome of this dispute, given the burden of proof on Apple needed to overcome Cisco's trademark registration, lawyers said.

Week In Review: Apple Steals The Show

As two major tech conferences competed for the attention of the gadget-conscious world, it was Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs who stole the spotlight.

Parish Kohnaim: Paradise On Earth

Mark Becker: Living La Vida "Romantico"


Ultimate iPhone FAQs List, Part 2

Why Can't Apple, Cisco Just Play Nice?

Apple TV Could Have Appeal — Eventually

Apple's new Apple TV product could eventually pose a challenge to cable and satellite providers — but the hurdles are substantial, and won't be overcome any time soon.

Is Safari Headed For Windows?

It seems that the Mozilla Foundation thnks a Windows Safari port is a possibility.

Does The iPhone Need Patents?

The downside is that Apple doesn't need to keep up the same pace of innovation now.

The Ultimate iPhone Frequently Asked Questions

Jobs On The iPhone Being A Closed System

Apple's Shrinking Magic Circle

The briefings were more limited this year than usual.

Pushing No Buttons With The iPhone

I've given up on trying to convince my PC-using friends to switch to the Mac.

Mac Superheroes To The Rescue


You Want An Apple Phone Now? (Part I)

So, you are grumbling about having to wait for another six more months to buy and use an iPhone?

You should probably know that we Apple customers here in the rainy (for the past few months) Singapore are waiting for a) iPhoto photo book printing, b) iTunes Music Store, c) iPhone.

Now, your i-life isn't that bad, isn't it?


You Want An Apple Phone Now? (Part II)

How about this> (via Boing Boing)

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