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Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Apple Pounds E-Wallet Firm In Trademark Tiff

Apple has been accused of applying double standards to trademark disputes by a UK security developer.

City's Fund Bites Apple

The New York City Employees Retirement System was named lead plaintiff in a shareholder lawsuit that claims Apple Inc. failed to properly disclose how much stock it set aside for options awards.

Apple's Shares Fall As Mac Sales Remain A Concern

Shares of Apple Inc. fell for the fourth straight day as analysts said a slowdown in Macintosh and iPod sales this quarter may damp enthusiasm for the stock.

Apple Faces Patent Claim Over iPod Touch Sensor Technology

Southampton-based touch sensor chip firm Quantum Research Group is taking legal action against Apple over the capacitive sensing technology used in iPod Click Wheels. "We are suing Apple over charge-transfer technology in iPods," Quantum's CEO Hal Philipp told EW. "Some are based on Cypress' PSoC chip and used in a way we believe infringes our patent."

European Consumer Groups Unite To Pressure iTunes

Consumer groups in Germany, France, Norway and Finland have joined forces to step up pressures on Apple to loosen the tight ties between its iTunes online music store and iPod music player. At the top of the list of demands is interoperability.


Why I Want A Locked iPhone

While some see this as lockdown, to Jobs it's the difference between the pleasure of the iPod and hte pain of an off-brand MP3 player. I'll take the iPod — and the iPhone.

My List Of What I Really Want From Apple

We're smarter these days and Apple doesn't recognize it. We want more these days and Apple doesn't understand it.

Why I Am Dumping My Mac And Switching Back To Windows

I expect an initial period of learning and figure out how to do things on a Mac that I had do on my PC — but that learning perio dhas never ended. I am continually having to buy software or google to figure out how to do tasks that were simple on my PC.

There Are No Design Leaders In The PC World

In the PC world, taste and culture are rarely considered, and if they are, it's always as an afterthought. Ship it first, make it look good later. If you ever do.

Wrong For You, Right For Me

Pardon me for working in a different way to you.


Mac Mini With EyeTV

I am very happy with my Mac Mini. It works great for watching movies and listening to music and for watching and recording TV using EyeTV and the Plextor tuner.

Note Taking Application Faceoff

Whether you're writing a simple article for a blog, piecing together the next blockbuster hit, or penning a 500 page romance novel, there are quite a few options for helping you get all of that informtion organized and drafted.

Turn Your Mac Into A Video-Analysis Tool

ScopeBox turns your Mac into a video-analysis tool that can measure a video signal's luminance and color values, among other things, to make sure that it conforms to broadcast standards.


The Root Of All Evil In UI

MessageBox() is the root of all evil, I tell 'ya.

If a programmer can write a piece of code to display a dialog box that says "You can't open this location using this program. Please try a different location.", then this same programmer can write another piece of code to not show these locations that cannot be opened in the first place.

To the API designers of the next great operating system, please make it extremely difficult for programmers to throw out simple dialog boxes, okay?

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