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May 26, 2007

Thoughts On iPod Amnesty Bin

by Charlie Owen

Comedic relief. Honestl, I think this is the real reason.

Set-Top Boxes Put To The Test

by Dan Simmons, BBC Click

If you want style and something that just works out of the box go for the Apple TV, but do so knowing that it is essentially an iPod for your television.

Apple Aficionados Left Guessing: Is A Flagship Store On The Way?

by Gillian Shaw, Vancouver Sun

Company executive Ron Johnson recently quipped that Vancouver's patience 'will be rewarded soon'.

Be Smart About Sorting Your Music Playlist

by Jeff Carlson, Seattle Times

Smart selectors enable you to group things together and apply smart sorting criteria.

Brain-Eating Zombies Invade SF Apple Store

by Declan McCullagh, CNET

A horde of decaying zombies invaded San Francisco's downtown Apple store on Friday evening, hunting for brains, terrifying the customers, and gnawing on iMacs.

Museums, Empire State, UN, And Apple Store

by Heng-Cheong Leong, MyAppleMenu

If you are heading to New York city for a weekend architectural landmark tour, don't forget to visit the Apple Store.

Tell them that the New York Times sent you.

Shocking Apple Customer Service

by John Siepierski, LegionTech

The service was so great that it actually brightened up my day.

By Heng-Cheong Leong