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October 18, 2007

Developers On iPhone SDK: OMG! ABFT!

by Bryan Gardiner, Wired

The software industry gave a hearty cheer to Apple's announcement it will provide a software-development kit for the iPhone next spring.

Do You Know What's Inside The SDK?

by Heng-Cheong Leong, MyAppleMenu

Ah... the elusive iPhone SDK. It's finally here... Well, okay, it's not exactly here yet. But Steve Jobs promised there will be one in February of next year. Based on what Apple has been delivering lately, this will be, I guess, the very last day of February, eh? It is a Friday, so all the hackers can spent their entire weekend to port their applications onto the phone.

But then, we still don't know what is inside the SDK, such as the scope of the APIs, and the method by which third-party applications can get onto the iPhones. Steve Jobs definitely hinted at a model where applications need to be approved by Apple in order to get onto the phones. This may mean that you'll get your outliners and minesweepers, but you may not get your instant messengers and internet phones.

Furthermore, we don't know what is the scope of API that will be accessible by third-party programmers. Can third-party applications make phone calls, send SMS messages, or sense the tilt and turns of the phone? (As others have noted, a mini-Wii.)

So, if you are planning to buy an iPhone or an iPod touch, and that a rich and wonderful set of third-party applications is a must-have feature, well, we are not there yet. Buy the gadgets because you like its existing features, not because of its potential, because we don't know where's the ceiling yet come Feb 08.

iPhone SDK: Could Motion Controls Make The iPhone A Mini Wii?

by Leander Kahney, Cult Of Mac

Think handheld portable Wii.

Does The iPhone SDK Point To Impending Touch Screen Devices?

by Bryan Gardiner, Wired

While Steve Jobs says the three plus months developers will have to wait for an iPhone SDK are essential for ensuring security on the phone, other industry insiders are starting to wonder if the delay might be attributable to something else. Something, say, more tablety with a touch screen interface?

Apple OS X Leopard: A Beautiful Upgrade

by Tom Yager, InfoWorld

Leopard is a legitimately big deal. It's underhyped compared to iPhone, and yet unlike iPhone, Leopard is a genuine triumph of customer-focused engineering. It's a pleasure and a relief to see that Apple remembers how to deliver open, affordable, standards-based products.

Apple TV Fails To Tap The Net's Limitless Library

by Leander Kahney, Wired

The wireless media center might have been a smash, if only the company had learned from its own succes swith the iPod and designed Apple TV to play video formats popular on BitTorrent and other file-sharing networks.

Apple Vs. Everyone

by Ivan Askwith, Slate

Networks take note: Apple's not going away.

Apple, Orange To Sell Unlocked iPhone In France

by Jim Dalrymple, Macworld

The unlocked iPhone will carry a premium price, although the companies did not say how much more it would be.

Freeverse Ups Periscope Webcam Software

by Peter Cohen, Macworld

The software features motion and audio-sensitivity, and can snap pictures then send them to a .Mac account, FTP, by e-mail and more.

It's Official: Apple's Number Three In The U.S.

by Arik Hesseldahl, BusinessWeek

By Gartner's reckoning — and it should be noted that these are estimates — Apple has finally surpassed both Gateway (now part of Acer) and Toshiba to make it into third place in the U.S. PC market behind leaders Dell and Hewlett-Packard.

Google, Apple And The Future Of Personal Computing

by Nicholas Carr, Rough Type

Why do you think Google is spending billions of dollars a year building data centers? Why do you think Microsoft is madly tryng to catch up, spending even more billions than Google? It's not just search and ads. What's at stake is control over personal computing itself - and Microsoft knows that, confronting the combined front-end and back-end skills of Google and Apple, it's at a big disadvantage. It will likely lose this war.

Software Kit For iPhone, iPod Touch Applications Set For February 2008

by Glenn Fleishman, TidBITS

Jobs' letter today was a bit in the tone of, "Hey, you kids, getoff my lawn! We still have to get rid of the gophers, resod the grass, and finish the main house before we let you on it in a few months, you little...." Jobs' statement emphasized the high level of risk for viruses and malware to spread among phones, and the widespread hallucination engaged in (or promoted by) the cell phone industry that such problems don't already exist. Fair enough, although what he's really saing is, "We've been too busy to work on the iPhone and Leopard at the same time; now we can focus on the iPhone again."

16 Coolest New Features In Mac OS X 10.5 That You Didn't Know About

by Sitening Blog

There are several little known new features that are actually quite cool.

Weak Leopard Discounts: Tip Of The Iceberg For Apple's .Edu Store?

by Jeff Smykil, Ars Technica

Things do seem to be changing in the Apple Store.

By Heng-Cheong Leong