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November 30, 2007

Report: Talks Bringing iPhone To China Fail

by Jim Dalrymple, Macworld

Sources claim the real reason talks have not gone well to this point is because of differences the companies have over revenue sharing.

Apple's iPhone A Tougher Sell In Europe?

by Tom Krazit, CNET

Apple's learning fairly quickly that Europe is a very different place, espeically when it comes to mobile phones.

When Networks Collide: AT&T Suddenly Doesn't Like Apple So Much

by Robert X. Cringely, PBS

I don't think AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson's statement was by accident and I don't think he is out of touch with reality. I think, instead, he was sending a $1 billion message to Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

What I believe is troubling the relationship between AT&T and Apple is the upcoming auction for 700-MHz wireless spectrum and AT&T's discovery that — as I have predicted for weeks — Apple will be joining Google in bidding. AT&T thought its five-year "exclusive" iPhone agreement with Apple woul dhave precluded such a bid, but that just shows how poorly Randall Stephenson understood Steve Jobs. Steve always hurts his friends to see how much they really love him, so AT&T probably should have expected this kind of corporate body blow.

Leopard The New Vista? No, But It's Not Manna, Either

by Matt Asay, CNET

Why Oh Why, Apple Of My Eye?

by Evan Rudowski: Web Transplant

It almost make me feel nostalgic for Dell — a company that was just as uncool as I am, but which would at least send somebody geeky to my premises to fix my computer, leving me in continued, uninterrupted operation.

Iona College Confident In Mac Switch

by MacNN

Don't Give Up On Leopard (Despite The Bugs)

by Saul Hansell, New York Times

The Exact Right Angle

by Heng-Cheong Leong, MyAppleMenu

Some photographs require lots of efforts from the photographer. Some require lots of luck. And then some that require both.

Presenting: 20 photographs taken at the exact right angle.

Open Source Mac Gaming: 10 Free Games Reviewed

by Neale Monks, TidBITS

Dear Apple: The iPhone Isn't The iPod. Be Sure To Keep Up

by David Chartier, Ars Technica

What Would Steve Jobs Do?

by Heng-Cheong Leong, MyAppleMenu

As the saying goes, the time for Bill Gates to stop and pick up an one-dollar bill on the floor is worth much more than that one-dollar bill.

What if, instead of a one-dollar bill, it's a bunch of interns on their first day of work to contribute to the Microsoft Empire?


Will Open Networks Force Apple To Unlock The iPhone?

by Stephen Wellman, InformationWeek

The writing is on the wall. The future iPhone should be 3G, run outside applications, work on both CDMA and GSM networks, and be fully unlocked.

Yes, Steve Jobs Is Like Marc Jacobs

by Tim Beyers, Motley Fool

Jobs' Apple has been a hit machine. More Beatles than Bangles. More U2 than Ugly Kid Joe. For more than three decades, Apple has oozed innovation — except, of course, in the years when the maestro was away.

By Heng-Cheong Leong