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July 23, 2008

What's Behind Apple's MobileMe Meltdown

by Alexander Wolfe, InformationWeek

Apple should have staged the conversion from .mac to .me. It not only make technical sense, but it fits in with the Apple ethos.

Review: Acrobat 9 Pro

by Pariah S. Burke, Macworld

Narrowly focused update features moderate enhancements.

Scribbles 1.2.1

by Heather Kelly, Macworld

Sometimes you just need to doodle, to be creative and make a little art without the complications of Illustrator or the mess of Crayolas.

A Shopping Trip To The App Store For Your iPhone

by Walter S. Mossberg and Katherine Boehret, Wall Street Journal

There are way too many interesting apps to review here, but these are some we liked.

Talk Of Chief's Health Weighs On Apple's Share Price

by John Markoff, New York Times

In recent weeks, Mr Jobs has reassured several people that he is doing well and that four years after a successful operation to treat a rare form of pancreatic cancer, he is cancer free.

People who are close to Mr. Jobs say that he had a surgical procedure this year to address a problem that was contributing to a loss of weight. These people declined to be identified because Mr. Jobs had not authorized them to speak about his health.

Staying Power: The Case For Two Resilient Tech Stocks

by James B. Stewart, Wall Street Journal

Attention, bargain hunters: Two technology darlings are on sale at steep summer discounts, Apple and Google.

Sometimes The Customer Is Wrong

by Timothy Lee, TechDirt

Refusing to serve iced espressos may be a good business strategy.

As Guy Kawasaki once wrote, if Apple had listened to its customers, the Macintosh will simply be a faster MS-DOS machine.

More About Deleting Features

by Brent Smmons,

The problem is 100 times worse when it comes to deleting features.

Apple Step Up China Retail Push

by Loretta Chao, Wall Street Journal

Apple's approach seems to be working, with sales growing apace even as the company on Saturday opened its first full-service Apple store in China, in Beijing. Over the past two years, more Apple reseller have begun popping up in China's sprawling computer malls.

After A Four Hour Wait, I Got An iPhone

by Etan Horowitz, Orlando Sentinel

Don't believe the Apple availability page.

On Keyboards

by Tim Bray, ongoing

There's a design flaw in Apple's current lineup of Mac keyboards; easily fixed though.

The Real Issue About Steve's Health

by Arik Hesseldahl, BusinessWeek

Idle, speculative and uninformed talk is feeding fear uncertainty and doubt, that is not worth serious consideration. Even so, given what's publicly known about Jobs' medical hidostry, questions about the condition of his health are certainly fair to ask, and the ones who should be doing the asking are Apple's outside directors.

Open Tech Offers A Different Twist On The Apple Clone

by Jeff SMykil, Ars Technica

While the company will preinstall Ubuntu 8.0.4 or Windows XP, the computer the company claims to be Apple-compatible won't actually be able to do so with Mac OS X.

Why Q3FY08 iPhone Revenues Won't Be Up Very Much

by MacJournals

Isn't accounting fun?

Apple Device Security: Big Temptation To Dumb-Down

by Merlin Mann, 43 Folders

Is four digits (or a trivial password) enough to protect your irreplaceable private data? Are you willing to assume that risk? It's unbelievable that the question even needs to be asked.

Apple Updates iLife Apps

by Peter Cohen, Macworld

Traveling WIth The iPhone 3G

by Jim Dalrymple, Macworld

The addition of GPS made the iPhone much more effective for traveling and MobileMe is a godsend.

Microsoft Offers First Hints At Anti-Apple Marketing Blitz For Vista

by Slash Lane, AppleInsider

Microsoft this week offered a window into the first phase of a mega million dollar advertising campaign designed to clear up 'misconception' about the quality of its Windows Vista operationg system exacerbated by in-your-face marketing efforts on the part of longtime rival Apple.

If You Don't Like AAPL's "Steve's Health Is A Private Matter" Statement, Then Sell

by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes,

The bottom line is that if you're an Apple investor and you don't like the "Steve's health is a private matter" statement made by CFO Peter Oppenheimer then there's only one thing you should do - sell your Apple stock and invest in a company that you trust more.

Third Quarter Earnings: The Analysts Speak

by Arik Hesseldahl, BusinessWeek

The main concern will be the warning over gross margin in Apple's fourth fiscal quarter ending in September and into fiscal 2009.

Securing Your iPhone 2.0

by Glenn Fleishman, Macworld

Software update offers dramatic security improvements, though gaps remain.

Finale 2009 Music Notation Software Ships

by Peter Cohen, Macworld

New in Finale 2009 is streamlined workflow interface that makes it easier to create and enter music, move and edit what you've written.

Now That We Have The App Store...

by Christopher Breen, Macworld

... isn't it about time that Apple put those iLife "Shop For" commands to good use?

Stop Telling Me What I Already Know

by Heng-Cheong Leong, MyAppleMenu

On Windows, MobileMe will always pop up a dialog telling it cannot do any sync whenever I do not have internet access. Which is a real irritation, if you ask me.

Copy-And-Paste: Now More Than Ever

by Dan Moren, Macworld

With the addition of the App Store and third-party applications, the problem of how to move data around the phone has increased exponentially.

Default Folder Update Improves Word 2008 Compatibility

by Jim Dalrymple, Macworld

Among the changes specific to Word are a fix for Spotlight keyword saving so that it works in Word 2008 Save As dialogs. The update also fixed a problem that caused Default Folder X to not include folders in its Recent Folders list when saving in Microsoft Word 2008.

By Heng-Cheong Leong