Fri, Dec 7, 2012
MyAppleMenu is dark for a week until 14 Dec, 2012.
Mel Martin, TUAW
Other changes include built in Google+ sharing, of course, and some new filters and updated photographic frames. Those frames can be colorized to match the colors in your image.
Cody Fink, MacStories
Instacast 3 is selling you an app that has a their own Cloud Syncing solution, a better iPad interface, and a new a storage limit feature for better managing downloads.
Dave Caolo, 52 Tiger
Kevin Fitchard, GigaOM
T-Mobile USA CEO John Legere confirmed that the iPhone will be among the Apple products that T-Mobile sells next year, but he said that T-Mo will sell it in a far different way than other carriers. T-Mobile is eliminating all device subsidies in 2013, requiring new customers to pay full price for their phones up front, buy it on installment or bring their own unlocked devices, Legere said speaking at corporate parent Deutsche Telekom’s Capital Markets Day in Bonn.
Erica Sadun, TUAW
It boots like a dream. Its Fusion drive seamlessly and invisibly manages my data, keeping the files system snappy and responsive. Even Xcode, bane of my existence, crashes faster and more smoothly than it did on my old system.
Tim Culpan, Bloomberg
“We are looking at doing more manufacturing in the U.S. because, in general, customers want more to be done there,” Louis Woo, a Foxconn spokesman, said in a phone interview. He declined to comment on individual clients or specific plans.
Craig Hockenberry,
As work progressed on the product, we realized we were making something special. When that happens, all sorts of crazy and wonderful things start to form without you really knowing how or why.
Leanna Lofte, IMore
Instacast, the very popular podcast app, as been updated with a completely new design and a new robust syncing mechanism. Instacast is also now a universal app for iPhone and iPad so that you can enjoy and follow your favorite podcasts with any iOS device.
Robert McMillan, Wired
Dan Moren, Macworld
While Twitterrific 5 features a more competitive ecosphere than ever, there’s no reason it can’t co-exist along other excellent clients like Tweetbot; there’s audience enough for both Tweebot’s industrial design and Twitterrific’s more spartan approach.