MyAppleMenu - Thu, Jan 1, 2015

Thu, Jan 1, 2015 Day of the First Public (Perpetual) Beta Edition

On this first day of 2015, Apple's home page invites you to start something new. Some of the works you can explore on Apple's web site are created with an iPad Air 2 with Brushes 3, an iMac with iDraw, and an iPhone 6 with iMovie. Apple hopes that this galley "inspires you to create something new," so go ahead and explore away.

Meanwhile, this web page is the result of a MacBook Air + Sublime Text 2. Welcome to the new MyAppleMenu.

Touch ID Not Working in Cold Weather? Here's a Fix

OS X Daily:

What you'll want to do is add a new fingerprint to Touch ID while your hands are cold (which usually means the skin is more dry too), matching the general conditions where Touch ID is failing on a regular basis.

You Can Now Easily Adapt Any New Post-2012 iMac for VESA Mounting

Derek Kessler, iMore:

The NuMount VESA is a machined aluminum bracket that clamps through the power-cable passthrough in the iMac's stand, adding both a quartet of screw holes for a 100mm x 100mm VESA mount and a shelf above that for storing items you want nearby but neither want to see or need to reach (say, an external hard drive for backups).

Stuff For Your iPhone

Tunity lets you listen to your television programs on your iPhone. When will you ever need this, you ask?

Rick Broida, CNET: Beyond simple marriage-saving (letting your spouse sleep while you listen to late-night TV), it lets you listen to TV audio in bars, restaurants, gyms, airport lounges, waiting rooms and other environments where the audio is muted or simply too low for you to hear.

John Emmert, TUAW: Users will find a number of uses for the app but I can envision it working well when you are at a sports bar with a number of televisions tuned to a variety of sporting events but no sound.

(Or you can watch stuff on your iPhone?)

More Stuff for Your iPhone:

And for Apple, here's a piece of good news...

Taiwan clears Xiaomi, other smartphone brands of breaching data privacy

J.R. Wu, Reuters:

Taiwanese regulators cleared on Tuesday China's Xiaomi Inc and other smartphone brands of breaching local data protection laws after national security concerns triggered the government to launch a probe in September.

... and a piece of bad news.

Apple Hit With Class Action Over Storage Eaten Up By iOS 8

Julia Love, SiliconBeat:

Apple has been hit with a lawsuit alleging that it doesn’t inform users just how much storage its new operating system will eat up – and then prods them to buy more space through its iCloud service.

(On the other hand, Apple has probably gotten used to having lawsuits against almost anything they do or doesn't do.)

Have a Very Merry Public Domain Day

If you didn't notice, it's that time of the year when we note the expiration of copyright on some of the older works. It's the end of our collective promise to protect these artists' economic interests, and the start of a new stage when everyone, without needing to ask permission, can build on these works, to create new derivations, and to make new Disney musical animations.

To celebrate Public Domain Day, Alex Wild invites you to make a donation to the public domain.

Your gift might be as small as an unpublished sketch from art school, or a set of wildflower photographs from a hiking trip in 2005, or that 2-minute basement recording of a song you haven’t performed since sophomore year. If you haven’t used these works by now, why not give others a chance?

(Or maybe something that you've created after being inspired by Apple's Start Something New gallery?)

And A Happy New Year

Nobody is really reading my little web page right? So it is okay to crack that age-old joke about me still writing "2014" in my cheque today, before realizing that the balance in my bank account...

Oh, alright. I'll stop.

Thanks for reading.