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Wed, Jan 7, 2015 Day of the Keyboards

Okay, I too do not understand what the phrase "functional high ground" means.

Review: Physical Keyboards for the iPhone 6

It has been, what, more than 7 years since the arrival of the iPhone, and the start of the end of physical buttons on phones. If you are still misisng your keys at this point, maybe you do want a physical keyboard after all. Walt Mossberg of Re/code is reviewing two physical keyboards for iPhone 6 that you might want to check out.

These cases take two very different approaches to the unnatural act of grafting a keyboard onto an iPhone. But the Typo 2, which adds its keyboard just below the screen, BlackBerry-style, when held vertically, is more natural. It does add length to the iPhone, and blocks the home button/fingerprint reader, but otherwise allows the phone to be used as you’d expect. And its keyboard is always ready for use.

By contrast, the Keyboard Buddy makes more major and awkward changes to the iPhone. It’s meant to be hidden until you need it, so it takes the form of a tray that slides out from the side of the iPhone. That means it doesn’t block the home button.

djay Pro for Mac

Jim Dalrymple, The Loop:

There are very few companies that continue to impress me, but Algoriddim has done it time and again. It’s not only the products, but the attitude in building those products to be great that wins me over.

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Chinese Magic Turns iPhone 5c Into iPhone 5s

Edgar Cervantes, Mobile Geeks:

The first step into making a fake iPhone 5s would be to get an iPhone 5c. More specifically, you need the iPhone 5c’s motherboard. Interestingly enough, the rest of the phone is not really needed.

I have no idea if this is real, and if this is widespread, but if I ever land up in China, I'm not buying any iPhones.

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