MyAppleMenu - Mon, Jan 19, 2015

Mon, Jan 19, 2015 Day of the Multi-Year Transitions

My question of the day:

Why is rearranging app icons on iOS 8 different from rearranging sharing icons?

Apple and the Pain of Platform Transitions

Rene Ritchie, iMore:

Those technologies (or something like them) had to be in place for the Apple Watch (and other future devices) to ship. Sure, Apple could have taken longer to roll them out and they could have moved the watch from this year to next, but then we'd have spent another year hearing about how Apple was no longer innovating, how they were falling behind, and how they were doomed.

Take Apple Pay as an another example. Apple took years to get this up and running. Touch ID was released in 2013, and Passbook in 2012. I don't really get how one may think that Apple need to slow down further for better software quality. It's pretty slow enough.

Stuff For Your Computers

When it comes to interoperability between Apple’s computers and mobile devices, there are still simple functions that are lacking. These five workarounds will help your iPhone, iPad, and Mac work better together — some of which Apple itself hasn’t even thought of.

A new storage system fully encrypts data and the app now supports syncing your data to Dropbox or any shared folder.

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