MyAppleMenu - Tue, Feb 3, 2015

Tue, Feb 3, 2015 The Listen-to-People-Talk Edition

There are podcasts that have a lot of post-production effort, where the hosts speak perfectly and there are music and effects and such. There are podcasts that are just the exact same Skype call. And there's what Jason Snell do.

Evil Genius Daddy

I've been enjoying Dave Slusher's podcast for more than 10 years now, and the latest episode is really special for me.

Do have a listen.

Mac Help: Online Backups for Huge Archives

Peter Cohen, iMore:

In this edition we tackle the subject of massive amounts of personal data and how it can best be backed up.

Stuff for Your Computers

The Wallaby app (free) provides a unique service: It tells you which of your credit cards to use at different businesses to maximize your credit card rewards.

Computing for the Visually Impaired, Part 4

Mariva H. Aviram, TidBITS:

Identifying the problem is the first step in fixing it. The next step is to seek and implement solutions (or to invent them if they don’t yet exist). Now I will detail the visual accessibility features, guides, and third-party apps that are available. I’ll begin with what’s already at hand, built in to your Mac.

Hey Apple, Would You Please Rent the App Store to Amazon?

Larry Lessig:

But if I want to filter those 3,500 apps, to find apps possible relevant to a 5/6 year old, wanting an app in math or history or whatever, I’m given two ways to sort these 3,500 apps: Either by release date, or alphabetically (because of course either of those two is really really essential to picking a useful or appropriate App).

Or maybe Apple should buy Amazon. :-)

Short Notes

  • Apple to Convert Failed Arizona Sapphire Plant Into Data Center (Tim Higgins, Bloomberg)
  • Apple Boosts Size of Bond Deal to $6.5 Billion (Mike Cherney, Wall Street Journal)
  • No, Research Does Not Say that 'iPads and Smartphones May Damage Toddlers' Brains' (Pete Etchells, The Guardian)

Parting Words

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