MyAppleMenu - Tue, Feb 17, 2015

Tue, Feb 17, 2015 The One-Star Edition

A recent study showed that "diners who left one-star [restaurant] reviews... adopted the same phrases as trauma victims."

The follow-up study, obviously, should examine all the other one-star reviews in other kinds of businesses. I suspect you won't find the same pattern in Apple's App Store though, since customers aren't held hostages like in a bad restaurants. While app consumers can easily delete apps they don't like, diners will have to wait for the check in a bad restaurant in order to quit.

On a related note, thank goodness (for me) Apple shut down iReview a long time ago. :-)

The Price of Getting Apple's Attention: $12 Billion

Tim Culpan and Ian King, Bloomberg:

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. is locked in an investment duel with Samsung Electronics Co. to meet booming U.S. demand for Apple Inc.’s iPhone and other smartphones, benefiting electronics suppliers around the globe.

Taiwan Semiconductor, the world’s biggest custom-chipmaker, plans record spending on plants and equipment this year. It’s lavishing $12 billion on factories -- more than Intel Corp. has ever spent in a year -- to counter investments that Samsung is making to win chip orders from Apple, Qualcomm Inc. and its own handset division.

All Along the Apple Watchtower

Wall Street Journal:

Apple might have settled long ago as most corporations do, and that option might even have been cheaper than a protracted appeal. But the company is doing a public service by attempting to vindicate a legal principle and brake the growing abuse of court-appointed monitors and a crank theory of antitrust that will harm many more innovators if it is allowed to stand. If Apple prevails in the Second Circuit, it ought to sue Mr. Bromwich and attempt to disgorge the $2.65 million he has soaked from shareholders.


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