MyAppleMenu - Fri, Feb 27, 2015

Fri, Feb 27, 2015 The Everyone-Poops Edition

Diverse Poop Emojis. Finally. I can't wait for the internet's creativity to be unleashed.

Apple Announces Media Event for March 9

Jim Dalrymple, The Loop:

It is widely expected that Apple will use the event to give more details about the Apple Watch, which was introduced last September.

Well, a media event on a Monday. There goes another weekend for many Apple employees.


Apple's iWork for iCloud Goes Platform Agnostic, Open to Everyone


Apple on Thursday removed the beta tag from its Apple ID creation tool, granting anyone, on any platform access to access to the iWork for iCloud Web-based productivity suite.


The Ergo Pro has better-feeling keys, a more reliable wired connection, better function keys for Mac, and USB ports.

The Minus Sign

Ole Begemann:

But if you need to format negative numbers for display in your app, your text will look much more professional if you use the real minus sign. Fortunately, this is easy. All you need to do is create a string with the correct minus sign character and assign it to your number formatter’s minusSign property.


Brent Simmons, Inessential:

But I think we’re at the point — between the NSA, draconian workplace monitoring systems, social network data collection, and malware — that calling out spying and monitoring specifically as unethical is warranted.


Parting Words

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