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Mon, Apr 13, 2015The Swift-Delegation Edition

Grey Matters App Aims To Help People Connect With Loved Ones Suffering From Dementia, by Rebecca Adams, Huffington Post

Through the app, caregivers can upload old family photos (or take a picture of a photo using the iPad) and pair each one with a line or two of text or recorded voice narration to provide context. Using photos as memory tools can improve dementia patients' social interactions and make equitable conversations more possible, according to research.

Ask The iTunes Guy: Help For Old-School iPod Problems, by Kirk McElhearn, Macworld

The popularity of the iPhone and iPad mean that most people who use iTunes have iOS devices. But we shouldn’t forget that there are still millions with non-iOS iPods, such as the classic, nano, and shuffle. In this week’s column, I address a couple of questions sent in by readers who use these “legacy” devices. I also look at questions about gaps not playing between songs, and devices authorized to download iTunes content.


How Delegation Works – A Swift Developer’s Guide, by Andrew Bancroft

For delegation to occur in software, you’d have a situation where one class (a delegator class) would give control or responsibility for some behavioral logic to another class called a delegate.

So how does one class delegate behavioral logic to another class? With iOS and Swift, the delegation design pattern is achieved by utilizing an abstraction layer called a protocol.

Short List

Someone should make a food app that connects to your bank account and only lists restaurants you can afford, could call it Welp

— shut up, mike (@shutupmikeginn) April 12, 2015


Rumor: Apple/Beats Paying Journalists To Write Copy For “Thousands” Of Curated Playlists Ahead Of Relaunch, by Eamonn Forde, Music Ally

Professional music writers are being paid – handsomely, it must be said, by music press standards – to deliver succinct contextual copy around pre-created playlists. They are delivering around 50 words per playlist as the company looks to stockpile thousands ahead of the anticipated relaunch in June. The playlists cover a variety of areas – introduction to particular artists and genres, deep cuts by classic acts, playlists for sports workouts (across a multitude of genres) and so on.


— I Am Devloper (@iamdevloper) April 12, 2015


How Pixar Solves Problems From The Inside Out, by Matthew Panzarino, TechCrunch

Inside Out is the story of a young girl named Riley who moves to San Francisco from the midwest with her parents. To some extent, the story is about how she adjusts and how her relationship to her family changes along with their locale.

But, in parallel, there is an internal story being told about her emotions — Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger and Disgust. Emotions which influence how Riley feels, acts and reacts to events in her life — as reflected by some very clever construct building that I won’t spoil here. This dual story led to some sticky issues when it came to representing and differentiating them in ways that contributed to the story.

Parting Words

They're podcasting on The Big Bang Theory but I can't stop noticing their terrible mic technique.

— Steven Impson (@StevenImpson) April 12, 2015

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