MyAppleMenu - Fri, Apr 24, 2015

Fri, Apr 24, 2015The Remove-All-Mentions-Of-Pebble Edition


Apple opened the App Store for its Apple Watch Thursday, just ahead of the first shipments reaching customers who pre-ordered the new device.

Physical Hub

The early numbers show a glimmer of that promise: Within just four days of its release, MyHeart Counts, a cardiovascular-focused ResearchKit app designed by the Stanford University School of Medicine, was downloaded 52,900 times in the U.S. and Canada, with an unprecedented 22,000 people also consenting to participate in the study. Typically, that kind of participation might require a year's work and dozens of medical centers.

Already four other academic institutions—including Oxford University and Beijing's Tsinghua—have built apps using ResearchKit, which contains graphical templates for in-app electronic consent, surveys, and tasks. "By nucleating a group of researchers and by making ResearchKit open source in a way that allows that community to grow," said Shaw, "it’s possible to see the outline of a new ecosystem emerging."

Photo Cloud

Though there’s still room for improvement, several factors have come together to make online photo management finally work: faster Internet in many homes and on phones and the technology to secure and access gigabytes of personal data on the go.

Which software does it best? That depends on what kind of equipment you own, how many photos you take and how comfortable you are with storing photos in the cloud.


This week, I look at a few questions about managing an iTunes music library, dealing with liner notes, album artwork in WAV files, and correcting capitalization in song titles. I also suggest a way to download music from the iTunes Store with an old Mac.

Cufflink for Apple Watch is a platform for priority communications for up to five close personal connections, or links.


Apple’s guidance to resolve the issue, according to the developer, has been to remove all mentions of Pebble support from the app title, description, and other assets.


I’m not suggesting Apple invented computer vision or that it’s the first company to use it in mass production. But I think it is unusual for it to be used at Apple’s scale for the purpose of wringing every last bit of tolerance out of its products.

In addition to Final Cut, Ubillos was also responsible for the creation of both iMovie and Aperture during his time at Apple.

Jimmy Iovine and the major labels are conspiring to get rid of free. Not only the free tier on Spotify, but on YouTube too. Apple writes a check to the labels at 40 million subscribers for years, whether they reach that number or not, and everybody pays for music.

Parting Words

I'll be posting lots of photos from @cocoaconf when I get back home. But THIS was the view from my bedroom.

— Andy Ihnatko (@Ihnatko) April 23, 2015

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