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Sat, May 2, 2015The Digital-Crown-Under-Faucet Edition

Watch + Water. What Can Go Wrong?

Apple Watch Support Doc Suggests Tap Water Rinse To Fix Digital Crown, by Jordan Kahn, 9to5Mac

One problem it’s anticipating is the Watch’s Digital Crown getting stuck or not running smoothly due to trapped debris, like dust or lotions, between the crown and the Watch’s casing. Apple’s fix: hold your Apple Watch’s digital crown under your sink faucet.

Water Resistant-Ish, by Paul Kafasis, One Foot Tsunami

Real-world tests indicate that the Apple Watch is fairly rugged. It can certainly stand up to use while running and sweating, and it also seems capable of withstanding trips into the shower. Apple appears to be under-promising and over-delivering, which is better than the reverse. As well, given that the company certainly wants to avoid their brand new product acquiring a reputation for flakiness, they’d be foolish not to swap any water-damaged devices which succumbed under reasonable usage.

Holding It Wrong

RT if you just scrolled an Apple Watch notification with your nose because the other hand was busy

— Virginia Roberts (@askvirginia) May 2, 2015

Just witnessed a guy wearing an Apple watch check his iphone for the time. Good work, everyone.

— Molly McNearney (@mollymcnearney) May 2, 2015


Tweetbot For iPhone Updated With Support For Retooled Tweet Quotation Feature, by Joseph Keller, iMore

Create Beautiful Quotes And Designs With Typorama, by Sandy Stachowiak, AppAdvice


Visual Studio Code, by Casey Liss, Liss Is More

All told, Code may or may not be for you, but it’s working out really nicely for me so far. I definitely suggest giving it a shot.

Getting Apple Watch Apps Right Will Take A While, by Steve Wildstorm, Techpinions

User Agents Of Change, by Allen Pike

After 20 years of rolling in more and more tokens, every HTTP request Edge makes has to include more than 150 bytes of text to simply convey that it is in fact Edge - a fact that only contains perhaps two bytes of entropy.


Upper East Side Residents Oppose Planned Apple Store, by Keiko Morris, Wall Street Journal

The Apple store slated for Madison Avenue and 74th Street is still being built out, but the residents fear long lines of customers camping out, waiting for new products to hit the shelves. They talk about food carts with electronic signs, like the ones outside Apple’s flagship Fifth Avenue location, and almost certainly more delivery and garbage trucks traveling the already clogged streets.

Tesla Energy Is Elon Musk's Battery System That Can Power Homes, Businesses, And The World, by Bryan Bishop and Josh Drieza, The Verge

Tesla has finally taken the wraps off Tesla Energy, its ambitious battery system that can work for homes, businesses, and even utilities.

Apple Claims Commission Tax Probe ‘Without Merit’, by Carla Main, Irish Examiner

Apple And Samsung Are Friendly Again, And The Competition Should Be Terrified, by Ian King, Bloomberg

Top Ten Complaints About The Apple Watch

Parting Words

Those of you correcting my show notes for The Talk Show this week: “Frisco” is now a legally correct shorthand for San Fran.

— John Gruber (@gruber) May 2, 2015

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