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Sun, May 17, 2015The Regular-Sponsors Edition

The Podcast Business

Why So Many Podcasts Are Brought To You By Squarespace, by Joe Pinsker, The Atlantic

But even though podcasts themselves have changed, the list of regular podcast sponsors hasn’t. An unscientific but dogged analysis from FiveThirtyEight—which enlisted an intern to speed-listen through the latest episode of each of the top 100 iTunes podcasts in two days—confirms this. Based on that sample, most podcast ads were purchased by companies that bring on new customers and sell products through the Internet, with Squarespace,, and Audible leading the pack in terms of ads bought.

Amazon’s Audible Hires NPR VP Of Programming, Signaling Move Into Original Podcasting, by James Risley, GeekWire

Nuzum was responsible for finding and developing new shows for NPR, including Wait! Wait! Don’t Tell Me, TED Radio Hour and the recently introduced Invisibilia. He also led the network’s podcasting initiatives as part of his 19-year career in public radio.


A Few Headaches And A Lot Of Sweat: Training With The Microsoft Band On iOS, by Nathan Mattise, Ars Technica

As a fitness-novice or general purpose wearable device, comparable things like smartwatches offer far more bells and whistles while meeting the same basic health attributes. The Band is somehow of minimal value for hardcore triathletes yet it's likely outshined by new competition in the beginner health space (where it appears to serve its audience much better). While Microsoft's willingness to let developers tap into data gathered by the Band is an encouraging differentiator that could open limitless possibilities, other platforms may offer more capabilities and users.

How To Capture The Action From Your Mac Desktop, by Ryan Matthew Pierson, ReadWrite

Yes, My Job Demands Me To Buy This

As a poor writer, Apple buying stages: 1. Don't need. 2. Can still cancel. 3. Can still return. 4. Better sell something.

— Matt Gemmell (@mattgemmell) May 16, 2015


Asian Component Makers Take Slice Of Apple’s iPhone Spoils, by Simon Mundy and Kana Inagaki, Fiancial Times

The booming earnings in Apple’s supply chain demonstrate the impact of smartphone market shifts on the web of Asian component suppliers and assemblers that are the bedrock of the industry.

Dubai To Have World’s Biggest And Uae’s First Apple Store Very Soon, by Abdul Basit, Khaleej Times

Apple’s first store in the Middle East will be located at Mall of the Emirates and it will be the world’s largest retail store of the iPhone maker, sources have confirmed to Khaleej Times.

Parting Words

@jsnell @robmcmyers Some folks still prepend "internet" in front of writer, musician, broadcaster, or artist to kill 50% of the credibility.

— Merlin Mann (@hotdogsladies) May 16, 2015

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