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Mon, Jul 20, 2015The Long-Hours-Of-Sitting Edition

Apps To Download Before Traveling With Kids, by Jinny Gudmundsen, USA Today

The nature of travel involves long hours of sitting, so it is good to have a variety of apps that have staying power. Look for apps that spark creativity, tell a compelling story or offer a series of puzzles. Travel also heightens kids' interest in learning about new places, making it a great time to introduce geography apps. Here are some of my favorite new apps, with suggestions of when to use them on your trip.

Use Parking Apps To Find Lots, Garages, Valet, And Meters, by Glenn Fleishman, Macworld

Luxe, for instance, offers parking in several city centers, and acts as an on-demand valet, picking up your car at a point you ask them to, and delivering it again anywhere in its service area. PayByPhone focus on meters, and lets you avoid fumbling with coins or a credit card to park on the street and be warned when your time is nearly up—with an option in some cases to extend without penalty.

In this roundup, I’ve broken down parking apps into several categories for clarity, because few of the apps overlap the kinds of parking for which they assist. Many apps are exclusive to iOS or iOS and Android, but some work via multiple platforms, web apps, and even SMS.

Always Have Backups

Why iTunes 12.2 Changed Metadata, Artwork And iCloud Status For Files In Some Users’ iTunes Libraries, by Kirk McElhearn

I discussed this issue with some knowledgeable people, who helped me understand what happened in my case, and with many other users. Seeing the conditions that caused it made me realize that it was a limited problem. However, there is no solution, and it does raise a couple of questions as to why iTunes and iOS acted the way they did.


Microsoft Office 2016 For Mac Review: Ribbon Revamp Brings UI Into Line, by Cliff Joseph, ZDNet

A new ribbon isn't going to have Mac users in businesses badgering their IT managers to upgrade them to Office 2016. However, this makeover for the ribbon isn't simply a cosmetic change. The more streamlined interface does make Word, Excel and PowerPoint feel less cluttered and easier to work with. And, by providing a look and feel that's consistent with other versions of Office, Microsoft is helping to ensure that users can remain productive by getting straight down to work regardless of where they are and what type of device or operating system they're currently using.

Recipe App Represents A Smart Move, by Trish Dromey, Irish Examiner

The company is first to market with a kitchen scale which connects to an interactive iPad recipe app in order to give step-by-step cooking instructions.

CrashPlan 4.3, by Agen G. N. Schmitz, TidBITS

Code42 Software has released CrashPlan 4.3 with added support for installing the Internet backup software on a per-user basis, which is ideal for backing up data for multiple individual users who are logging into the same computer (such as in multi-user desktop environments).

Feeday Puts Your Instagram Feed In Your iPhone's Notification Center, by Thorin Klosowski, Lifehacker


Do We Need Browsers?, by Thoughts On Things

I’m aware that this is a rather idealistic sketch and not a trivial goal to achieve. I’m not even saying this is the right solution. But one thing is certain: the web platform we have today is already bloated, does not suit our needs and severely limits innovation. I’m confident that the way forward is to - one way or another - climb out of this hole we’ve been digging for way too long called a web browser.


Apple's New iPhone Ad Is About Quantity, Not Quality, by Rich McCormick, The Verge

The company's newest ad, titled "Amazing Apps" and put on YouTube today, attempts to sell the iPhone by simply touting the number of apps available on the App Store.

Apple Waits As App Developers Study Who’s Buying Its Watch, by Brian X. Chen and Vindu Goel, New York Times

Of the prominent app makers that are missing from Apple Watch, several echo Facebook in saying they are still trying to determine how to make the most of their apps on the device’s small screens, the largest of which is about 1.3 inches by 1.65 inches. For example, at a technology conference in May, Evan Spiegel, Snapchat’s chief executive, said he did not find the watch compelling.

I am not entire sold on the idea that success or failure of Apple Watch will corelate with the number of third-party apps.


When Apple Music does arrive on Apple TV, I hope there will be cool visualizers accompanying the new Apple Music channel. I am a bit tired of the list of current screensavers.

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