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Sat, Aug 1, 2015The Back-Door-Keys Edition

Crypto Wars, by RevK's Rants

Let's try something simple - assume governments get some "back door keys" in there...

Open The Music Industry’s Black Box, by David Byrne, New York Times

Before musicians and their advocates can move to enact a fairer system of pay, we need to know exactly what’s going on. We need information from both labels and streaming services on how they share the wealth generated by music.

Apple Boxes

iMac box is a trapezoid with the front 10° out of parallel with the back. Which means that if you have 36 of them...

— Chris Espinosa (@cdespinosa) August 1, 2015


Everything You Need To Know About iCloud Music Library, by Serenity Caldwell, iMore

This OS X App Sends iTunes Music, Spotify And Other Audio To Your Chromecast, by Janko Roettgers, Variety

Apple uses AirPlay to send media from Macs and iPhones to Apple TV devices and Airplay-compatible loudspeakers; Google has struck some partnerships with consumer electronics manufacturers to bring casting to connected loudspeakers, and Spotify is pushing its own “Spotify Connect” technology for the same use case. The results are often apps that only work with some speakers or connected devices, forcing consumers to find creative solutions like Soundcast.

Nine Apps For Travel With One iPad And More Than One Kid, by Warren Buckleitner, New York Times

One solution is to follow the lead of experienced teachers and adjust the context (instead of the children). Do you have two children who are at each other’s throats? Give them a project that lets them work together toward the same goal.

Here is a starter list of apps for all ages and subjects that can do the same thing in a much smaller space. While they won’t replace a sandbox, they can go a long way to replicate the same play dynamic by using the tablet’s multitouch capability so many hands can work together, all at the same time.

Audio Hijack 3.2 Boosts The Power Of Time Shift With Better Controls And A Global Hotkey, by Joseph Keller, iMore


The 'No True Programmer' Fallacy, by Jacques Mattheij

We’re quick to forget how hard our initial mastery of a subject is and of course it is nice to belong to some elite group. But talking people down and telling them what they can’t do is really bad form, instead we should be lifting those that wish to acquire the skill up.


Inside Spotify's Plan To Take On Apple Music, by John Paul Titlow, Fast Company

Brian Whitman landed at Spotify just in time. The MIT Media Lab alum and machine listening expert joined the product team at Spotify early last year when the streaming giant dropped a reported $100 million to acquire The Echo Nest, the music data company he cofounded a decade ago. Since his time at MIT, Whitman, along with cofounder and fellow PhD Tristan Jehan, has focused obsessively on the intersection of big data, artificial intelligence, and music, using that sweet spot to try and redefine music discovery in the age when songs flow freely like water and new artists pop up by the hour. Today, he's sitting across from me in a conference room in Spotify's New York headquarters showing me what his team has been building for the last few months.

For Sympathetic Ear, More Chinese Turn To Smartphone Program, by John Markoff and Paul Mozur, New York Times

She is known as Xiaoice, and millions of young Chinese pick up their smartphones every day to exchange messages with her, drawn to her knowing sense of humor and listening skills. People often turn to her when they have a broken heart, have lost a job, or have been feeling down. They often tell her, “I love you.”

Xiaoice (pronounced Shao-ice) can chat with so many people for hours on end because she is not real. She is a chatbot, a program introduced last year by Microsoft that has become something of a hit in China. It is also making the 2013 film “Her,” in which the actor Joaquin Phoenix plays a character who falls in love with a computer operating system, seem less like science fiction.

Parting Words

Poetry is hard.

— Glennon Doyle Melton (@Momastery) August 1, 2015

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