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Mon, Aug 10, 2015The Leave-Your-Door-Unlocked Edition

Deleting Your Browser History Could Land You In Prison, by S.E. Smith, The Kernel

Instead of being a resource for readily available information that citizens can access at will, the Internet is becoming a tool for spying on citizens and residents of the United States. People no longer enjoy the explicit right to privacy that would protect them from warrantless wiretapping and seizure of Internet records. As Matanov’s case illustrates, they’re also not entitled to the legal protection of being allowed to have control over their own browser history and private records.

In an interview with the Nation, the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Hanni Fakhoury observed: “The idea that you have to create a record of where you’ve gone or open all your cupboards all the time and leave your front door unlocked and available for law enforcement inspection at any time is not the country we have established for ourselves more than 200 years ago.”


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A chilling warning for the old people in my village.

— Tom (@tdawks) August 9, 2015

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