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Wed, Aug 19, 2015The Overnight-Success-In-Six-Years Edition

How Relay FM Proves That Podcasts Aren’t An Overnight Success, by Romain Dillet, TechCrunch

When Myke Hurley and Stephen Hackett launched Relay FM, they expected to build a small independent network of weekly tech podcasts. Just a year later, Relay FM features 16 different shows and delivers 1.5 million downloads every month. Building this loyal audience was an overnight success six years in the making.

Apple To Simplify Retail Stores By Demoting iPods To Shelves, Dropping iPad Smart Signs, by Mark Gurman, 9to5Mac

Now, when a customer wants to buy an iPod, she or he can simply pull it off a shelf without needing to wait for the product to be brought from the back room.


Apple CarPlay Review: Siri’s Finally On The Right Road, by Joanna Stern, Wall Street Journal

CarPlay is undoubtedly the future of in-car technology. Siri, after years of rearing, is worthy of helming a system that makes car maker’s own dashboard controls feel like DOS. But it isn’t a complete joyride. Apple’s services are stuck in the slow lane compared with Google’s beloved maps and Google Now.

Apple Pushes RAW Compatibility Update To OS X Yosemite With Support For More Cameras, by Dan Thorp-Lancaster, iMore

Let Your Family Automatically Know When You’re Leaving Work, by Sandy Stachowiak, AppAdvice

Just enter the recipient’s phone number, your message, and the time range when you normally leave work. The app will then use your location to determine when you are leaving and send a text message to your recipient.

Parallels Desktop 11 Launches With Support For El Capitan, Windows 10, Cortana And More, by AppleInsider


Paper, The Popular iPad Drawing App, Is Coming To iPhone Soon, by Chris Welch, The Verge

Google Gets Into The Wi-Fi Router Game…and Plants A Flag In Your House, by Dan Moren, Six Colors

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