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Mon, Sep 7, 2015The Fell-Short-In-Flexibility Edition

Scientists Tested 30 Apple iPhone Fitness Apps For The Quality Of Their Workouts. Guess How Many Passed?, by Ariana Eunjung Cha, Washington Post

More than half the apps met some of the criteria for aerobic exercise, 90 percent for some strength/resistance, but many fell short in flexibility. In all, two-thirds did not meet any flexibility criteria, the researchers wrote in the Journal of Medical Internet Research.

The final result, when the scientists combined those three scores to come up with a total quality score: Only one app -- the Sworkit Lite Personal Workout Trainer -- met more than half the criteria from the guidelines.


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SiriScript, by Daniel Jalkut

Siri is more limiting than AppleScript, because it can only carry out tasks that Apple’s engineers have predicted that I will want to perform. But it’s also much easier than opening up Script Editor, scrutinizing a scripting dictionary, spending 10 years learning AppleScript, and then writing and running a script.

What To Do If Your Hard Drive Is Filling Up Rapidly And You Use Apple Music, by Kirk McElhearn

"The Watch Face Wars", by Abdel Ibrahim, WatchAware

Sure, round is a tad nicer looking when compared to square and we all know that if Apple built a round smartwatch it would be beautiful, but the problem is about information and glanceable data. In 5-10 years, are we really going to be using watches to tell time? Will that be even 1/4 of the reason we wear them? It’s hard to say, but again, I look at the iPhone and ask myself “How often do I make phone calls?”

Parting Words

"I find penguins at present the only comfort in life… one can’t be angry when one looks at a penguin" - John Ruskin

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