The Mother's-Day-Video Edition Saturday, May 7, 2016

New Apple Site Lets Users Create Custom 'Shot On iPhone' Mother's Day Video, by Juli Clover, MacRumors

The simple site [...] opens with an upload image link, which allows users to upload a photo. The photo is then inserted into a customized version of Apple's Mother's Day video and can be uploaded directly to Facebook.

Stormy Update

Tweetbot 4.3 Introduces ‘Topics’ For Easier Tweetstorm Creation, by Federico Viticci, MacStories

Topics simplify the process of chaining tweets together with an intuitive interface that makes it look like Twitter rolled out support for topics. Under the hood, Tapbots is still leveraging the aforementioned @reply workaround, but they've been clever enough to completely abstract that from the UI, building what is, quite possibly, one of the most ingenious Tweetbot features to date.

Just Amazing

No Ordinary Fairy Tales, by Kelsey Curtis, Kingston Whig-Standard

Byers said the iPads have been "just amazing" and have really contributed to having her students work independently.

Each student used modelling clay to create artwork for their story. Then the students took photographs of their art on the iPads and loaded them onto Book Creator.

Highland Teachers Go Back To Class For #Learning, by Nancy Coltun Webster, Chicago Tribune

In workshop settings and working mainly in pairs, the 19 student ambassadors guided their adult students and offered simple explanations and demonstrations.

Carly Zuklin and Kylie Tratta introduced a roomful of adults to iMovie. The girls said they use iMovie for science projects or videos for some assignments. The videos are posted to the school's YouTube Channel and Twitter feed for other students to view. Students can also make public service announcements to be broadcast to the school.


PDFpen 8 And PDFpen Pro 8 Review: Corporate-grade PDF Handling At A Small-business Price, by Glenn Fleishman, Macworld

PDFpen now supports validating signatures signed by Acrobat and other software, as well as adding such verification itself.

Forget Amazon’s Echo: Lexi Lets You Speak To Alexa Through Your Phone, by The Next Web

What’s particularly nifty about Lexi is that the app supports a wide range of the Echo’s functionalities like placing orders, remotely controlling your smart home devices as well as install and turn skills from the Alexa App.


My Tablet Has Stickers, by Steven Sinofsky, Learning By Shipping

When I received my new 9.7” iPad Pro I decided to break tablet tradition and personalize it with stickers, just as I’ve done on laptops (and my Surfaces) for years. I did so because I began with the mindset that this iPad would replace my laptop(s) for full time use (here laptop means my Surface(s), Yoga, MacBook, and desktops). It has been almost a month and that is exactly what happened. My sticker investment paid off. I don’t feel like I’m forcing myself into this mode of working, but rather I am more productive, futz way less with my “computer”, and find many things easier. Work is different, but better.

You Can Soon Have A (Tiny) Office In One Of Britain’s Red Phone Boxes, by Corinne Purtill, Quartz

A New York-based start-up called BarWorks is converting 20 of Britain’s rarely-used pay phone kiosks into tiny shared offices. Users who unlock the booths via a mobile app will find inside a wifi-equipped office with a desk, seat, power sockets, a printer and scanner, and a coffee and tea machine.

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