The Capturing-Festivities Edition Sunday, January 1, 2017

What New Year's Eve Celebrations Look Like Around The World, by Selena Larson, CNN

Apple has partnered with 16 photographers, based in countries such as Australia, Turkey and Mexico, to highlight the festivities with photos taken on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus devices.

For example, travel writer and iPhone photographer Samah El Ali's stunning photos show off the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge fireworks from The Royal Botanic Gardens in Australia. The final photo will come from photojournalist John Lehmann shooting the party scene in Vancouver.

Hands-on: LG Apple-endorsed 5K Display – An UltraFine Choice For MacBook Pro Owners?, by Jeff Benjamin, 9to5Mac

You won’t find the same design polish that you’d find on an Apple-branded monitor, but LG’s offering is generally better than the typical third-party monitor. The one-cable connection, and integration with FaceTime make it a good solution for new MacBook Pro owners who want something that just works. But some of you will probably be disappointed that the display lacks more port options, and the lack of any on-device buttons for brightness control is a little annoying until Apple provides a better software solution in macOS.

French Workers Win Legal Right To Avoid Checking Work Email Out-of-hours, by AFP

On 1 January, an employment law will enter into force that obliges organisations with more than 50 workers to start negotiations to define the rights of employees to ignore their smartphones.

Overuse of digital devices has been blamed for everything from burnout to sleeplessness as well as relationship problems, with many employees uncertain of when they can switch off.

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I'm returning back to using the stock Apple's Podcast app, mainly because I am not going to rely on a third-party centralized server to retrieve the list of new podcast episodes.

There are really no good reason for a podcast client to rely on a centralized podcast feed server a la Google Reader. I only check for new podcast episodes once or twice a day, afterall.

Of course, getting back to Apple's Podcast app presented some difficulties in my episode-selection podcast-listening workflow until I remembered that rather have the software adapt to my flow I should just assume Apple's way is the One True Way of how things are done. :-)

(This is not the first time I've switched podcast clients. Let's hope there are more choices this year to suit everybody's taste.)


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