The File-System Edition Monday, March 13, 2017

Here's Why You Must Back Up Your iPhone And iPad Before Upgrading To iOS 10.3, by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, ZDNet

iOS 10.3 sounds like a minor update, but it actually contains a pretty big change. Apple is using this update to change the file system that iPhones and iPads use from the 30-year-old HFS+ file format to the new Apple File System. [...]

What this means is that when iOS 10.3 is installed, every file stored on the device will be converted from the old format to the new format. And while we can expect that Apple will put a lot of effort into making this conversion process as smooth and painless as possible, upgrading a file system always opens up the possibility that something can go wrong.

Apple To Start Treating Cobalt Mined In The Democratic Republic Of Congo As A Conflict Mineral, by Tefo Mohapi,

Apple has announced that it will start treating cobalt, an important mineral in the making of its devices, mined in the Democratic Republic of Congo as a conflict mineral amid child labor allegations. Furthermore, the iPhone maker is said to have instructed smelters it uses to stop buying cobalt from artisanal mines that use child labour as the owner of the accused mines, Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt, continues to investigate the allegations.

ShatChat, by M.G. Siegler, 500ish

And so if Facebook has to leverage all 1.8 billion active users in a ground war, they’re going to do it. And as we’re seeing now, the plan is actually even grander than that. Because Facebook controls not only their core social network, but also Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger. They’ve decided to weaponize all of these networks, user experience be damned.


Hands On: BusyCal's Long Development Benefits Feature Set For Mac, iPhone, by Mike Wuerthele, AppleInsider

The more you use BusyCal, the more you can so very clearly see the sheer depth of experience that its makers have.

Euclidean Lands Is A Clever iPhone Strategy Game Crossed With A Rubik’s Cube, by Andrew Webster, The Verge

Euclidean Lands, which launches today on iOS, looks like what would happen if you crossed the beautiful, impossible architecture of Monument Valley with the turn-based action of Hitman Go… and then you set the game on a Rubik’s Cube. It’s a seemingly strange combination, but it works, offering an experience that’s somehow relaxing and challenging at the same time.


Think Like A Bronze Medalist, Not Silver, by Derek Sivers

The metaphor is easy to understand, but hard to remember in regular life. If you catch yourself burning with envy or resentment, think like the bronze medalist, not the silver. Change your focus.

Instead of comparing up to the next-higher situation, compare down to the next-lower.


The Real Problem With Crowdfunding Health Care, by Anne Helen Petersen, Buzzfeed

There’s a politics to who gets funded and who gets left behind, who collapses under the weight of the broken health care system and who’s temporarily buoyed. And as Congress weighs a potential repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act, it’s essential to think through what crowdfunding can’t fix — and how even the best of intentions can perpetuate devastating, systemic inequalities.

Singapore Films Like Ilo Ilo And Mee Pok Man Available For The First Time On iTunes, by Genevieve Sarah Loh, Channel NewsAsia

Objectifs’ director Yuni Hadi said platforms such as iTunes could help broaden the audience base for Singapore films, especially for independent projects that want to find exhibition beyond the festival circuit and generally receive limited theatrical release. "Independent filmmakers are still learning about the rules of digital distribution and understanding contracts and technical deliverables. We have to participate in order to get to the next step of where we want to take Singapore cinema," she said.

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You should always backup your computers -- MacBooks, iPhones, Apple Watches -- before applying upgrades from Apple.


Dear Apple Music on my iPhone: you were just playing this song one minute ago, and when you were done playing this song, I just tapped on the same song, hoping to hear the song again, and, wtf do you mean "This media may be corrupted" and refuses me?

The solar flares must be real strong today...


It may not be a good idea to watch Santa Clarita Diet while having breakfast...


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