The Photo-Walks-And-Kids-Hour Edition Monday, May 22, 2017

“Today At Apple” Launches Worldwide, by Apple

“Today at Apple” kicked off this weekend with new in-store programming around the world, including Photo Walks and Kids Hour at all 495 Apple stores. From Getting Started with Coding to How To: Sketch, Draw and Paint with iPad, stores collectively hosted 4,000 sessions a day, including some with very special guests.

When Apple (Or Anyone Else) Really Gets A Product Right, by Nick Johnson

Being British, I have a story about tea. It goes like this: For my entire life, it had tasted wrong. Not bad, exactly, but not quite right. I tried all different kinds, and just about every brand I could find. I drank it without milk which made it taste a little better, and sometimes added lemon which pushed it a little more in the right direction. But still: tea tasted wrong and I had no idea why. Then one evening, my flatmate at the time asked me if I'd like a cup. I politely declined, explaining that it would make it hard for me to sleep. She replied that it was okay, she had caffeine free tea called Rooibos, from South Africa. So, a few minutes later, she handed me a cup of tea, and it tasted right.

Why did I just tell you a story about tea? What does that have to do with Apple? Well, the fact is that I had a very similar feeling the first time I used a Mac in earnest. Then it happened again with the iPhone. It's not just Apple products, mind you. The physics of a Mario game and the feel in the hand of an X-Box 360 controller also gave me this feeling. Recently, though, I haven't had this "Oh, this is right" feeling quite so much. I can only think of two examples, and they're so small that they probably qualify as "features" more so than "products".

Apple Seemingly Stops Offering Free Three-month Apple Music Trial In Select Countries, by Chance Miller, 9to5Mac

It’s unclear at this point if Apple plans to introduce a similar pricing change in other countries, dropping the free trial in favor of three months for $0.99.

Let Millions Of People Help You Pick Wine, by Geoff Quattromani, EFTM

The new addition to the app however is the scanning of labels and wine lists. Yep, the app will see you label and then inform you what people rated it.