The Clone-Maker Edition Thursday, July 6, 2017

How Apple’s Early Clone Wars Reshaped Copyright Law, by Ernie Smith, Motherboard

Is a piece of software copyrighted if it's not printed out and is buried inside of a machine? This sounds like an obvious question—yes, of course it is—but it wasn't a question that had been asked before in a court of law.

Surprisingly, it wasn't a PC clone-maker that forced the question, but one making Apple II machines. Franklin Computer Corporation, a New Jersey firm, spent the early 80s making Apple II clones that were close feature-wise to the original machines.

Why I Choose To Keep My Late Mother's iPhone, by Rachel Kaser, The Next Web

So when the feeling is too much, I reach for her iPhone. I watch the videos of her talking to my brother, or read the text messages she sent me in better times. Something about holding this device as she did and looking through all the things she thought were important gives me a comfort I don’t think I’d have otherwise.

Her phone is still active on our mobile plan, despite the fact she’ll never again use the number. I want to hold onto it and keep it alive, as it were, for a while longer.


Five iPhone Apps To Help You Stop Losing Your Stuff, by Kayla E Matthews, iMore

To say the mobile GPS and Bluetooth tracking industry is volatile would be an extreme understatement. A simple online search of such devices yields tens — if not hundreds — of results. The problem, however, is that many of these devices and apps were short-lived or never met their crowd-sourcing goals.


But not every tracking story has a frustrating ending. There are still a handful of devices and associated iPhone apps that can be monumentally useful when you want to track down a lost item. Here are five of the best.

Little Snitch 4 Released With An Updated UI, Redesigned Network Monitor And Touch Bar Support, by Preshit Deorukhkar, Beautiful Pixels

Little Snitch 4 is a big release from Objective Development and introduces a totally revamped UI, featuring a much modern look with updated elements and buttons.

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