The Failure-And-Stress Edition Sunday, July 9, 2017

Only One Winner In A Streaming Music Industry Where Some Are On The Brink, by Chris Keall, NBR

The news this week that Pandora is pulling out of Australia and New Zealand this week didn't cause much of a ripple.

Failure and financial stress have become almost the norm in the streaming music industry.

Game Day: Poly Bridge, by John Voorhes, MacStories

At its heart, Poly Bridge is more a physics-based puzzle game than a simulator, so you’ll like it if you’re a fan of games like Perchang and Enigmo. But the even though the bridge simulations are confined to a level-based structure, each is a unique sandbox for testing out designs over and over that I think fans of simulator games will love too. It’s a great mix of the two genres and thoroughly absorbing.

A FaceTime Relationship Turns Face To Face, by Maria Shehata, New York Times

That is the problem with dating today. We’re also happy to give no thought to our relationships, but in the opposite direction. We have so many options that we throw people away with our fingertips. We reject potential soul mates within seconds and then cry over three glasses of wine to our best friends about how there is nobody out there.

Bottom of the Page

Just finished watching: House of Cards (Season 5), by Melissa James Gibson and Frank Pugliese. The more powerful the characters are, the less interesting they become. The first and second seasons are still way better than the latter ones.

Just finished watching: Terminator: Genisys, by Alan Taylor. A so-so action movie, in my opinion. Nothing innovative, unlike the first two.

Just finished reading: The Nix, by Nathan Hill. I enjoyed this, some parts much more than the others. I specially enjoyed the scenes between the mother and the son.


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