The Go-Haywire Edition Saturday, August 19, 2017

How To Use The iNaturalist App To Record Weird Animal Behavior During The Eclipse, by Rachel Becker, The Verge

Total solar eclipses are known for making some animals go haywire, and Ricard wants people to record what they’re seeing. She works at the California Academy of Sciences, and she’s spearheading a citizen science project called Life Responds. Powered by the app iNaturalist, Life Responds invites eclipse watchers to document how plants and animals react to the unusual midday darkness.

The idea is that if enough people record their observations before, during, and after the eclipse, patterns might start to emerge, says iNaturalist creator Ken-ichi Ueda. “Maybe millipedes behave differently during an eclipse, and no one bothered to look!” he says. “That’s what’s so appealing about citizen science. The more people you have making observations, the more likely you are to get these unusual kinds of observations.”

A ‘Bug’ That Let A $500 Password Cracking Box Open Up iPhones Is Patched As Of iOS 11, by Matthew Panzarino, TechCrunch

It basically continuously guesses a series of passcodes until it finds the right one. A time-consuming process that is typically not available because an iPhone automatically locks guessers out after a few attempts. On iOS 10, there is a “bug” for lack of a better term, that allows repeated, rapid guesses of the passcode if you’ve changed it within the last minute or so.


Some Official Apple Accessory Colors Seemingly Being Quietly Discontinued, by Ben Lovejoy, 9to5Mac

In total, they noticed that nine case colors had gone; 13 iPad Smart Covers; 18 iPad cases; 12 Apple Watch Sports Bands; and 7 nylon bands.

Hands On: ScreenFlow 7 Update Turns The Screen Recording App Into A Video Suite, by Mike Wuerthele, AppleInsider

ScreenFlow 7 will record your screen as it always has, but it now goes dramatically further than that. It takes your Mac or iOS screen's recording and helps you produce broadcast-quality video with it.

Day One App - My Digital Midori, by Dakster Sullivan, GeekMom

The uses are endless, but for me, it’s how I keep myself organized with journals for each of my projects and one that is dedicated to personal reflection.

Google Docs Has Finally Made Working From My iPad Possible, by Dan Seifert, The Verge

With this update, I can now read, approve, reject, and even add edit suggestions to a Docs file, all from my iPad Pro and Smart Keyboard. I can now say that I can do the majority of my job with my iPad and I don’t necessarily need a laptop anymore.


Apple Says Drivers, Not Phones, Cause Texting Crashes, by Bonnie Eslinger, Law360

Apple urged a California state judge Thursday to toss a proposed class action alleging it puts profits over public safety by not installing lockout devices on iPhones that prevent texting while driving, saying courts have consistently held that distracted drivers are responsible for accidents, not phone manufacturers.

Taking Photos Won’t Take You Out Of The Moment, Study Suggests, by Steph Yin, New York Times

On Monday, I will be one of millions watching the moon punch a hole in the sun during the Great American Eclipse of 2017. In preparation, I’ve been thinking about how I want to spend my roughly two minutes of totality, when day surrenders, briefly, to coronal night. Should I try to capture my experience with photos? Or should I soak in the moment as deeply as I can?

These two goals may not actually be in opposition, according to a study in this month’s issue of Psychological Science. In several experiments, researchers found that taking photos during an experience helped people remember visuals more accurately, even when they didn’t revisit their photos. However, snapping pictures also appeared to decrease how much spoken information people retained.

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