The Joined-Up-Thinking Edition Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Apple’s App Store Preview Needs To Steal Some Ideas From Google Play, by Craig Grannell, Revert to Saved

The point about purchasing is perhaps the most important. If I read an article about new Android apps and games and end up on Google Play, I can click a price button, pay for the item, and send it to my Android device, ready for when I next use the thing. With Apple, I can, what, email a link to myself like it’s 2003? It’s absurd that with such a joined-up ecosystem in so many ways, Apple lacks joined-up thinking when it comes to its store.

What I Wish The iPad Would Gain From The Mac, by Ryan Christoffel, MacStories

I made the iPad Pro my primary computer when it first launched in late 2015. The transition pains from Mac to iPad were minimal, and the device has grown even more capable since that time thanks to improvements in iOS. My need for a Mac is now extremely rare.

My desire for a Mac, however, still exists in a few specific use cases. There are things the Mac has to offer that I wish my iPad could replicate.

Saving Our Children From Smartphones, by Jean-Louis Gassée, Monday Note

I fall on the side of It’ll Be Different This Time. We don’t need committees and yearly progress reports, but we can’t be passive, we need to proactively protect our children and ourselves. The trouble with simple answers is such responsibility doesn’t lie in any single place.

Apple Bows Apple Music For Artists To Provide Acts With Deep Analytics Dive: Exclusive, by Melinda Newman, Billboard

Apple Music for Artists debuts more than two years after Spotify, Pandora and YouTube bowed their own artist dashboards. While admittedly a late entry, Apple hopes to make up for its tardiness with the depth of information available, level of transparency and the ease of use provided by the clean user interface.

In addition to broad strokes, artists can drill down on a granular level in myriad ways. A global map allows musicians to click on any of the 115 countries in which Apple Music/iTunes is available and find out what’s happening with their music. They can select individual cities and see how many plays and sales they have in each market, as well as look at their top songs in every city. They may further examine the listener demographics per city, for example, calling up how many times females ages 16-24 in Los Angeles have listened to a particular song.

Apple CEO Tim Cook Learned To Code In College, by Juli Clover, MacRumors

That Cook can code may not be immediately obvious as he ran Apple's worldwide operations before becoming CEO of the company, but it's no surprise. Before going to Duke University's Fuqua School of Business for his MBA, Cook graduated from Alabama's Auburn University with a bachelor's degree in industrial engineering, a major that requires a programming background.


Pixelmator Pro Adds New Cropping Features Alongside Numerous Bug Fixes In Latest Update, by Benjamin Mayo, 9to5Mac

The Pixelmator team has today released an important update to Pixelmator Pro, adding new cropping abilities that didn’t quite make the cut for the 1.0 release. Other changes include tweaks to selection and text tools and many more bug fixes.

Bear (For Mac), by Jill Duffy, PC Magazine

Bear aims for simplicity by doing away with folders, notebooks, and elaborate text styling, giving you a place to simply create notes and store them. It supports Markdown and uses tags for organization, but doesn't have too many tools and features aside from that. The Pro account, which you need for syncing among devices, is cheap.

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Things that have been invented, believed to be the future, and then obsoleted, all within my lifetime:

1) BBS
2) Teletext
3) CD
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