The Feminist-Snark Edition Sunday, September 15, 2019

‘Dickinson’ Tribeca Premiere Lifts Veil On Apple TV+ As Star Hailee Steinfeld Touts New Single “Afterlife”, byDade Hayes, Deadline

Hailee Steinfeld, the actor and pop singer who stars in and executive produces the Apple TV+ half-hour Dickinson, says her music career will play a significant role in the show’s sensibility and marketing appeal.

At the show’s first screening at the Tribeca TV Festival on Saturday — the first time any Apple streaming series has been shown to the public — Steinfeld said she has recorded a new song, “Afterlife.” It will be released September 19, ahead of the launch of Apple TV+ on November 1.

Apple TV+ Premieres With Star-studded Period Drama 'Dickinson' At Tribeca Festival, by Gabriella Borter, Reuters

Apple TV+ premiered its first show at the Tribeca TV Festival on Saturday, flaunting feminist snark, lavish period costumes and a star-studded cast in “Dickinson,” a series that sheds a modern light on the life of an iconic American poet.


“Dickinson” cast members said they were grateful Apple seemed to spare no expense on period costumes and sets.

Apple Vs. Netflix, Disney: Will Bare Cupboard Work To Overtake Bulk In The Streaming Wars?, by Jefferson Graham, USA Today

"How many of the tens (hundreds?) of millions of people who... buy...will say no to a short list of shows by A-list talent?"

On a historical basis, that would work out to about 260 million purchasers a year and if everyone signed up, Apple TV + would easily have way more than Netflix's 150 million subscribers.


If You're Not Using AirDrop On Your iPhone Yet, You're Sorely Missing Out, by Patrick Holland, CNET

If you are still emailing files to people nearby, or, God forbid, are using a USB thumb drive to transfer a few photos, stop. Because if you're on an iPhone, iPad or Mac you can use AirDrop instead. It's fast, secure and dead easy to set up. I'm going to walk you through how to use AirDrop to wirelessly transfer files, photos and a whole lot more with your Apple devices.

20 Tips Every Apple Watch Owner Should Know, by Lance Whitney, PC Magazine

Depending on which model or type of Apple Watch you own and where and how you'd like to use it, there are a variety of activities you can perform, from listening to music and tracking your workouts to monitoring your heart rate and viewing your photos. And like the iPhone and iPad, the Apple Watch includes an array of settings and options you can tweak to coax it to work and act the way you want.


Apple Details Overton AI Development Tool, Whose Models Have Processed ‘Billions’ Of Queries, by Kyle Wiggers, VentureBeat

Building, monitoring, and improving machine learning systems is no walk in the park, no matter the circumstances. Data scientists and engineers have to monitor fine-grained quality and diagnose errors in sophisticated apps, not to mention field contradictory or incomplete corpora. To ease the development burden somewhat, Apple developed Overton, a framework intended to automate AI system lifecycles by providing a set of novel high-level abstractions. Given the query “How tall is the president of the United States,” for example, Overton generates a model capable of supplying an answer. (It only supports text processing currently, but Apple is prototyping image, video, and multimodal apps.)

Apple researchers say that Overton has been used in production to support “multiple applications” in both near-real-time and back-of-house processing, and in that time, Overton-based apps have answered “billions” of queries in multiple languages and processed “trillions” of records. “[The] vision is to shift developers to … higher-level tasks instead of lower-level machine learning tasks. [E]ngineers can build deep-learning-based applications without writing any code,” wrote the coauthors of a research paper describing Overton. “Overton [can] automate many of the traditional modeling choices, including deep learning architecture … and [it allows engineer] … to build, maintain, and monitor their application by manipulating data files.”


Why Can't Apple Match Its Watch Dominance With The iPhone?, by Jeremy White, Wired

"For smartphones, while Apple is quite vertically integrated, the majority of hardware innovation comes from partners such as Sony for cameras, Samsung and LG for displays, Western Digital or SK Hynix for memory or Qualcomm for cellular tech, which has anyways been available to most of the rivals," he says. "So the only room left to innovate and differentiate is in iOS, processors and user experience, which is where Apple has been differentiating, but rivals have caught up, and even surpassed in that as well."

"This, of course, is one reason why Apple is focusing on privacy as a key differentiator, a major advantage compared to the open Android camp," Shah says. "Apple is great at integrating technologies and marketing it much better than rivals, and thus actually not an innovator. But with Watch, Apple has been acquiring companies to scale the innovation on wrist and differentiate with core features making the watch a meaningful health sensor."

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