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Sunday, March 14, 2004


The New And Improved
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Welcome to the "new and improved" MyAppleMenu. After months of planning and weekend programming, here's the end-result. What are the changes, you ask?

Well, three web sites are removed. Wintel news has been merged into MyAppleMenu, while Linux news and Internet news are merged into The Tomorrow Weblog.

All the RSS feeds have been upgraded to RSS 2.0. You can get the URLs of all the feeds in this web page. I am also, finally, dropping feeds in ScriptingNews format. (I don't think they will be missed.)

In addition to the upgrade, the RSS feeds will now include all the content of MyAppleMenu — including random musings and rants from yours truly. Of course, some readers may not consider this an improvement. :-)

The HTML design of this web site has also been changed — just something new for me to play with.

You'll also get permanent links to some of the items. If you have no idea what are permanent links, you can safely ignore them. But for those who want to point to my musings and random rants, here's your chance.

As usual, feedback, comments, and complaints are welcomed. Just send them to Thanks, and have a nice day.


Golden Opportunity
by Charles P. Pierce, Boston Globe
20040314bostonopera When The Lion King opens in Boston this summer, the restored Opera House will be a bigger star than Simba — and will signal a new era for one of the city's most neglected neighborhoods.

Common Of Earthly Delights
by James Traub, New York Times
20040314timessquare Times Square will turn 100 on April 8. And all the commemorations will inevitably raise a single question: What are we to make of this Times Square in light of all the other Times Squares?

East Of Easy Street
by Frank Ahrens, Washington Post
20040314downtown After years of suburban living, his new downtown neighborhood felt edgy, even dangerioius. Then it just began to feel like home.

Mr. Invisible And The Secret Mission To Hollywood
by John Hodgman, New York Times
20040314hollywood For Kerry Conran, the question, as he put it, was "Could you be ambitious and make a film of some scope without ever leaving your room?"

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