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Monday, April 5, 2004


We're More Productive. Who Gets The Money?
by ob Herbert, New York Times
American workers have been remarkably productive in recent years, but they are getting fewer and fewer of the benefits of this increased productivity.

Tech & Science

Draining The Language Out Of Color
by Philip E. Ross, Scientific American
Words mold many aspects of thought, says linguist Paul Kay, but not all aspects. The proof lies in the names the world's languages give to colors.


We Try Our Best To Avoid It, But Boredom Has Its Benefits. Today, It's A Lost Art Form
by Steven Winn, San Francisco Chronicle
Today, in a digital age abuzz with cell-phone chirps and instant messaging, high-definition diversion and incessant celebrity chatter, eluding boredom has taken on a hyperbolic metabolism.

Beyond Black And White
by Ylan Q. Mui, Washington Post
Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring shows what happens when everyone in the school is a minority.

The Quest To Forget
by Robin Marantz Henig, New York Times
Roger Pitman, a Harvard psychiatrist, and other medical researchers are working to find drugs to prevent painful memories from taking hold. But is to lose remembrance to lose yourself?

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