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Sunday, May 02, 2004


'Friends' Of An Era
by Matthew Gilbert, Boston Globe
Now, 10 years later, "Friends" leaves the air as nearly the last representative of the once-ubiquitous "Seinfeld" clone.

Signature Collection
by Lawrence Block, Village Voice
OK, you wrote a book, but how many times can you stand to write your name?

500,000? 750,000? 1 Million?
by Philip Kennicott, Washington Post
Despite our fascination with crowd sizes and numbers,numbers don't get at much of what makes marches on the Mall distincitve.

With NC-17, The Picture Gets Fuzzy
by Louise Kennedy, Boston Globe
The controversial movie rating reappears, but what does it mean?

Sex And The Cities
by David Brooks, New York Times
We are replacing marriage, one of our most successful institutions, with hooking up. This is a deep structural problem, and very worrying.

The Prodigious Son
by Chip Brown, New York Times
At 31, Christopher Wheeldon has choreographed more than 30 ballets, his most recent for New York City Ballet's centennial celebration of Balanchine. With his idiosyncratic style, can he step out of the shadow of a legend?

How To End Grade Inflation
by Michael Berube, New York Times
The principle is simple enough, and it's crucial to every diving compeittion: we would merely need to account for each course's degree of difficulty.

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