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Sunday, July 4, 2004


The Chinese Century
by Ted C. Fishman, New York Times
Thanks to Mao — and to good old American know-how and help — China is getting ready to supplant the U.S. as the capitalist engine of the world. A lesson in economic development and global interconnectedness.


The Plight Of The White-Tie Worker
by Blair Tindall, New York Times
For big American orchestras, audiences are declining, government and private donations have dropped and recording activity has virtually disappeared. Some argue that the surest way out of this apparent crisis is to hire the best executives and conductors, no matter their price. Others say that these high salaries are an unberable financial burden — and that they reinforce classical music's image as an elitist, exclusionary world that is increasingly out of touch with its listeners.

Look Who's Parenting
by Ann Hulbert, New York Times
"Baby busters" (another tag for the post-boomers) have turned into family boosters who make their elders look not exactly like slackers, but not like patient nurturers either.

The Joys Of A Simple Life
by Susan Harb, New York Times
In the Amish country of northern Indiana, the food is tasty, the pace is slow and antiques can be had at bargain prices.

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