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Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Building Blocks Of Japanese Cuisine, by Nancy Singleton Hachisu, Lucky Peach

When it comes to Japanese food, we’ve reached beyond the fifties-era soy sauce, sukiyaki, and tempura and the seventies-era sushi, sashimi, and miso. Now, in this fermentation-crazed time, we are ready to step up our understanding of the building blocks of Japanese cuisine on our way to appreciate how the sauces used in Japanese cooking are made.

'History Can No Longer Be Viewed In Splendid Isolation': What Is A Global Historian?, by Serge Gruzinski, The Guardian

If the past is still required to understand the present, then approaching the past globally is an absolute necessity. But what does it mean to “think globally” today? What does a truly global history look like?

Follow ‘The Tao Of Bill Murray’ To A Better Life, by John Wilwol, Washington Post

The Ten Principles of Bill, generally speaking, are all about learning to recognize and seize opportunities to have a little more fun and be a little more kind.

How Anthony Bourdain Went From CNN’s Biggest Risk To Its Most Unexpected Star, by Emily Yahr, Washington Post

“Parts Unknown” has developed a fiercely loyal audience in the 3½ years since its debut, and Bourdain’s fans follow his every move as he explores international cultures and cuisines. This month, the show won its fourth consecutive Emmy Award for Outstanding Informational Series or Special. (It won another in 2013 for cinematography.) The show is a great press stop for, say, a world leader who wants to talk about his trip to improve relations between the United States and Vietnam.

But in early 2013, when CNN first announced plans for the series, some inside and outside the cable news network scoffed.